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2018 Touring 3.6 '15 XV
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When doing research before I bought my 2018 2.5 Touring, I learned that the 2017s came with a full three years of Sirius XM, but couldn’t find a definitive answer on whether the 2018s did.

When I was at the dealership, after we’d shaken on the deal, I asked, “Now the Touring comes with three years of Sirius, right?” “That’s right,” I was told.

A week or so later, I got my Sirius information in an email and it showed my complimentary subscription expiring after four months, not three years. So I called the dealership to ask about it. The manager did some checking with his Subaru rep and discovered that Subaru had discontinued the three-year Sirius deal. However, he said, the Subaru rep was going to look into it.

A couple of weeks later I get a call from a SOA rep. He apologized for the confusion and told me that if I’d buy a three-year Sirius XM package, Subaru would reimburse me. Nice! I ordered the package, sent the invoice to the SOA rep and a week later received a check for the full amount.

Now THAT is customer service. It was my third experience with SOA customer service, and all have been outstanding! I’ve bought many new vehicles of all different makes over the years, and never have I had such fantastic experiences as I have with Subaru.
We bought a 2018 Touring OB and got 4 months of service as my salesman described. We bought a new 2015 Crosstrek with a few months of service. No freebies for me.
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