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2003 LL Bean Outback H6 and 2019 Outback Base
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I have a 2003 LL Bean and LOVE IT. My wife had a 2006 2.5. She wanted a new car. I said she should fix her 2006. About $1000.00 worth.

She decided to get a new we go down and test drive a few. I DID NOT want to " like" any of them.....

I have to be honest.........I LOVE the 2019 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As does she !!!!!

Sits up a little higher, turns SO easy....... Excellent mileage.....VERY comfy seats.great acceleration !!! Just to name a FEW.....

I was very skeptical about any NEW car....BUT it is VERY SMOOTH !!!!

Looking forward to keeping it a long time. Even though its a lease for 3 years !!!

I guess I should be a little more open minded :) :)
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