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Thanks for the kind words. Most people here don't bother with the simple but important "thank you". I was really surprised to read your news about the 0% interest rate offered thru the end of October as I didn't believe that Subaru would ever go back to the 0% rate. My guess is that it is available for a max of 48 months.

If you look at my attached sales figures the 0% begins to make some sense for Subaru as Outback sales really fell "off" in September and are probably going to be down about the same this month (just a guess).
That sales figure info is great! (I have a weakness for a good spreadsheet :grin2:)

Found more info on the new rates on another thread (sorry, I don't remember who posted, but they linked back to the supremely helpful
(Have estimated (payment/interest) on $30,000 loan in ( ) below.
It's just 24-36 months at 0%. ($833payment/$0 total interest)
The other rates stay as previously advertised for October:
48 months .9% ($636/$554)
60 months 1.9% ($524/$1471)
72 months 2.9% ($454/$2832)

Thanks again (and, you're welcome!)
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