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The purpose of this thread is to document the update history for the Subaru Outback Gen 4 Denso CP1 infotainment unit. This is the infotainment unit in the 2020-2022 model year Outbacks. This thread will serve as a record of the updates and a general lookup/destination for reference in other threads.

The versions listed here apply to the North America market vehicles only (USA and Canada). Other regions may be similar, but the supporting documentation is intended for the North American market. Any downloads from the technet site are intended for North America market vehicles only. For further information, see the megasuperduper software thread

NOTE: Gen 4 is in the title of the TSB, and refers to the infotainment unit, not the generation of the outback.

Any questions about firmware, installing, downloading, use, problems, issues, whatever, belong in that big software thread. Take it there.

  • 2020-2022 Subaru Legacy and Outback vehicles ONLY
These updates are for the North American market vehicles.

Helpful Links:
Discussions around:​
  • recalls​
  • issues / problems​
  • annoyances​
  • help with operating​
  • help installing firmware​
  • should dealers install software​
  • general software questions​
  • etc​
belong in other threads elsewhere on the site, as those threads already have more focused, and substantial, discussion.​

Recalls/Product Campaigns:

There were two, separate, Product Campaigns for the 2020 model year units

The first Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) update was made available on August 17, 2020. There were reports of some vehicles having problems with the download if it wasn’t correctly applied after downloading. The FOTA functionality was disabled four days later. Subaru issued a safety recall for vehicles that had downloaded that update. Vehicles would be updated by Subaru, in the event a head-unit could not be updated, a replacement, with the updated firmware, would be installed.

A second product campaign was initiated at the same time. This was a voluntary campaign to update any vehicles with the 11.6” screens to the latest firmware release, since the WiFi update had been disabled. The intent of this voluntary action was to improve customer satisfaction with the Subaru they bought.

These product campaigns were:

  • WRH-20 - Safety Recall - Rear Visibility FMVSS 111 Non-Compliance: Between the period of August 17, 2020 and August 21, 2020, a firmware-over-the-air (“FOTA”) update was made available for certain vehicles equipped with Multimedia Navigation (“High” Grade) and Multimedia Plus (“Mid” Grade). If the software download was initiated and if there was a delay in the data writing speed of the flash memory, the installation process could timeout. A timeout failure during the data writing sequence could cause the data to become corrupted, and if corrupted, may result in the Center Information Display (“CID”) going blank. A total of 7,741 vehicles were affected.​
  • WRI-20 - Product Campaign - Reprogramming of Denso CP1 Infotainment Units to Optimize System Performance: In the interest of customer satisfaction, Subaru of America, Inc. (Subaru) is initiating a Service Program for certain 2020-2021 model year Legacy and Outback vehicles to update the Cockpit Control Module (CCM) software to the latest version. This is a voluntary recall by Subaru in the interest of customer satisfaction. It is not a safety recall. This one gets you a warm fuzzy that subaru is listening to customer feedback and you get all the new software features. It affects the cars with the 11.6" screens only. A total of 212,971 vehicles were included.​

Small errors can lead to big things.

Firmware Revision History:

Technical Service Bulletin 15-261-20R
Applicability: 2020-2022 MY Legacy and Outback

NOTE: any update will contain all prior fixes, in addition to the current fixes listed, unless otherwise indicated.

Update (8) TSB No. 15-261-20R Addresses These Additional Conditions:
Version RC 2212
Software Version ID F11G*M142-980 (2020 MY)
Software Version ID F31G*M141-580 (2021 MY)
Software Version ID FB1S*M141-280 (2022 MY)
Software Version ID F51X*M141-480 (2022 MY Wilderness)
  1. Unexpected CP1 system reboot resulting from an inter reset to sync internal communication with Bluetooth module.
  2. CID restarts itself right after engine is started.
  3. CID resets and reboots.
  4. Right after starting up, the CID is blank only displaying the background without icons.
  5. Loss of audio output for AM/FM
  6. Loss of audio output from all sources. Voice from telematics, meter buzzer or beep sound are not affected.
  7. Sound is lost when playing Bluetooth audio even though the screen is displayed without problem. It can occur when the audio source is switched repeatedly between the Bluetooth and others.
  8. SXM radio output is lost after terminating a handsfree phone call.
  9. No audio played back when using CarPlay.
  10. Sound volume control does not work while using Android Auto.
  11. Cyclic short noise like a drilling or vibration is heard from speakers.
  12. After the engine is started, a message of “Loading Navigation...” continues to be displayed, but the map is not displayed.
  13. Vehicle position on navigation map erroneously moves to zero degrees latitude and zero degrees longitude (0°N 0°E or west of Africa in the Atlantic ocean).
  14. Navigation map scale is changed to the lowest setting (globe is displayed).
  15. When “Call” button is pressed in “Confirm Destination” screen of Navigation system (to call the destination site,) the call can be made but the screen does not transit to phone call screen.
  16. When selecting “Phone-”>”Message,” message received time is displayed incorrectly as “1/1/0.” It can occur with an Android phone with a specific Android OS (Pixel 6, Pixel4a, Pixel4XL, Xperia etc. ) in which time zone data is attached to the message receiving time.
  17. Even when using the same mobile device that was paired previously, a message of “Are you sure you want to activate this profile?” is prompted and confirmation is needed to activate the device.
  18. Cover art of previous music is displayed when playing music without cover art in USB audio. It can occur when music with and without cover art is mixed and stored together a single USB.
  19. Command “Play Artist <Artist name>”” to play all music of particular artist in USB music mode, only the first item listed for the artist is played.
  20. While playing music from USB, the music title displayed on the screen differs from what is being played. It can occur by the following sequence of operation:
    • Display a list of music on the USB audio screen.
    • Change the screen to other screen than the music list.
    • The music play is continued and moved on to a music in a different music list.
    • Change the screen back to the music list in the USB audio screen.
  21. In USB music mode, some music is skipped and the music in the next folder is started. Under following condition
    • Play USB music in “Folder” mode with repeat mode setting “Repeat All.”
    • Turn Ignition Switch off then open/close door and keep it locked for more than 5 minutes.
    • Turn Ignition Switch on and operate “Track Up/Down” on the audio system.
  22. The mode does not switch to Media, after “Media” icon is selected.
  23. When selecting shortcut for SXM channel on “Home” screen, the screen is changed to SXM but no sound is coming or no channel name is displayed.
  24. When using FOTA service to update the software by selecting “Setting” > “Software Update,” a message of “A new software update is available. Would you like to download it now?” is displayed but the downloading does not start after pressing “OK.” When this symptom occurs, it comes back to the “Software Update” screen. The downloading can be started by pressing the “Update” on the “Software Update” screen. (Temporary solution.)
  25. When Pre-Collision Braking System is activated, a message of “Obstacle Detected” is displayed on the information bar and does not go away.
  26. Preset SXM channel cannot be selected by satellite switch on the steering wheel.
  27. Even after setting the date of next scheduled maintenance in Reminder screen, the date is displayed as “--”. It can occur when only the date of schedule maintenance is set without entering distance.
  28. When pop up screen (like suggestion of taking a rest) is displayed on CarPlay screen, the screen does not transit to proper screen (like destination search screen) and goes back to CarPlay screen even after pressing “Yes.”
  29. When selecting a music by <Artist> or <Album,> using voice recognition system, a wrong music that had been played at the end of previous time is played. It can occur by the following sequence of operation:
    • Play music in USB audio mode.
    • Change the source from USB to another one.
    • Turn Ignition Switch off then on.
    • Start to play music by pronouncing <Artist> or <Album> though voice recognition system.
  30. A wrong search location is used on TravelLink function.
List of New Functions and Enhancements Included in Update (8):
  1. New shortcut button(s) are added in button bar of “Home” screen.
    • AVH (Auto Vehicle Hold) ON/OFF Button.
    • Auto Start Stop ON/OFF Button. (If equipped)
  2. Air conditioner control interface is changed to that of 23MY.

Update (7) TSB No. 15-261-20R Addresses These Additional Conditions:
Version RC 2208
Software Version ID F11G*M132-880 (2020 MY)
Software Version ID F31G*M131-480 (2021 MY)
Software Version ID FB1S*M131-180 (2022 MY)
Software Version ID F51X*M131-380 (2022 MY Wilderness)
  1. The CID stays black following reboot. Reset doesn’t always recover this condition.
  2. The CID stays black or very dark even after the ignition switch is turned on due to back light malfunction.
  3. When using CarPlay, the screen goes to black and/or CID restarts. It occurs when the CID processor falls under irregularly high load conditions.
  4. The CID restarts about 3 minutes after turning on the Ignition Switch. It occurs when the CID processor falls under irregularly high load conditions.
  5. System reboot due to application failure. Software robustness has been imporved to prevent CID and CCU from resetting whenever its individual function fails.
  6. When the vehicle comes to a place on a highway where there are multiple exits with combinations of alphabets and numbers, the CID cannot process the information correctly for turn-byturn navigation and restarts.
  7. CID restarts when Navigation system is re-routing the route crossing the border of the states. When the customer veered off navigated route and the re-routed route includes the roads across the boarder of states, the calculation is not properly processed and the CID restarts.
  8. CID restarts, while it is connected to Wi-Fi. It occurs when Wi-Fi signal includes illegible data.
  9. CID restarts after the ignition switch is turned off and on again before the CID shuts off.
  10. No functional response on touch screen in Radio mode even though the touch sound and visual reaction are confirmed.
  11. Reprogramming process takes extensive time (40 minutes or more.) After the ignition switch is turned off and on again, the combination meter display mode changes itself and shows the ECO gauge (Current fuel consumption/Driving range on remaining fuel.) Both attribute to processing errors in CCU.
  12. When conducting USB reprogramming, the screen transition to error screen instead of confirmation screen.
  13. When “Software Update” is selected in the Dealership Mode, the following initialization process does not end more than 20 minutes. Note In case this USB update failure occurs, retry updating according to the instructions in “Appendix A” of the TSB.
  14. When the FOTA pop-up (new software availability notification) is displayed while the CarPlay is being used, the display comes back to CarPlay screen even if the customer tries to get into the FOTA screen.
  15. Call function does not work in the Message List (after ignoring the incoming message notification.). However, the call function can still be used after getting into the Message Content screen by tapping the message list.
  16. Message reading function of short mail does not resume and ends once it is interrupted by barge-in voices for other functions.
  17. After the Ignition Switch is turned on, the SI-DRIVE indicator starts blinking and the derive mode cannot be changed.
  18. CarPlay does not work when the ignition switch is turned on immediately after the driver’s door is opened with the iPhone (iPad) cable connected to the AUX TERMINAL (USB Hub.)
  19. CarPlay drops off randomly after running without interruptions for an extended period of time.
  20. Steering wheel control switches don’t always work with Android Auto for audio stream- ing contol.
  21. The Turn By Turn information is not displayed on the MID, when changing meter dis- play modes with Steering wheel control switch, while using route navigation of Google Map with Android Auto.
  22. Android Auto stops working after calling to one of the STARTLINK support functions, while there is an active navigation route with Google Map via Android Auto.
  23. Soon after the cable has been removed from the AUX TERMINAL (USB Hub), icons on Home Screen stop functioning.
  24. Phone Book is displayed in the order of the First Name even though the display setting was made in the order of Family Name.
  25. No response when touching “Traffic & Weather Now (TWN)” on SMX screen.
  26. SXM has blank screen and no sound when the SXM screen had been selected as audio source at the previous ignition off timing.
  27. About 30 seconds after starting the SXM the operation is paused with loading screen and resume after another 30 seconds. This symptom occurs when the SXM screen had been selected as audio source at the previous ignition off timing.
  28. SXM has blank screen and no sound when the audio source is change to SXM.
  29. “Fast forward” does not work in SXM replay function. (Fast Rewind works.)
  30. The team logo is not displayed on Sports Flash screen when the SXM screen had been selected as audio source at the previous ignition off timing.
  31. The team logo is not displayed on Sports Flash screen when the SXM screen had been selected as audio source at the previous ignition off timing.
  32. No sound on Radio after changing to Radio screen.
  33. Sudden interruption of the audio playback from audio system and/or voice guidance of Navigation system.
  34. The audio source change function and all icons become inoperative temporarily, after the ignition turned off and on again while playing audio source.
  35. HD Radio sub channel cannot be played after selecting a HD Radio station from the pre- set stations and selecting the HD sub channel 2 even though the HD radio information is correctly displayed.
List of New Functions and Enhancements Included in Update (7):
  1. Icons of home screen change to those of the US specifications even though the original specification is not of the US.
  2. Two ways of MOTA operations, i.e., by connect CCM to Wi-Fi or by transferring the downloaded map data to CCM via smart phone are executed simultaneously by error.
  3. "One of the Pop-up Error Messages displayed during the FOTA operation in case of weak Wi-Fi signal is not intuitive. Even if the customer tap “OK,” it does not transit to another screen.As the improvement for this inconvenience, the message is changed so that the customer finds the reason why the FOTA operation has been paused. Also a “Resume” button is prepared so that the customer can do the rest of operations after necessary action (moving the vehicle to another place with better Wi-Fi connection, or tethering the CP1 to a mobile phone, etc.) Note: The FOTA operation can be paused when the Wi-Fi indicator at the upper right corner of the CID is not in “Good” or “Excellent”
  4. To prevent the overall CID system (CCU) from being reset whenever its individual function fails, the robustness of the software has been improved.
  5. CD returns to CD deck too fast to pick it out after ejection button has been pressed. As the countermeasure, the pausing time is extended to ease the operation.
  6. Past DTC stored in the CCM cannot be captured by SSM when new current DTC is detected. Both DTC’s can be captured by SSM after letting the system into sleep mode and turning the Ignition Switch on again.
  7. Music in the different folder in a USB stick can be selected by Track-UP/Down opera- tion.
  8. Music in multiple folders in a USB stick can now be played continuously whereas they could not be played unles they were in the root area of the USB stick.
  9. In conjunction with the specification improvement described in item 8, “Repeat All” is added to the play mode selection menu.
NOTE: Fixes in FOTA Update (1) below do not appear in the TSB revision as of Jan 01, 2023.

FOTA Update (1) TSB No. 15-270-22R Addresses These Additional Conditions:
Version (Not Applicable)
Software Version ID will end in one of the following numbers:
Release Date: 08/02/2022
  1. Cannot finish registration, DMS user registration
  2. Cannot select Wi-Fi to ON, button is gray out
  3. Phone contacts transfer fails, when pairing iPhone with Bluetooth
  4. Screen is no changed to Composer or Album screen, iPhone /iPod connected as iPod mode
  5. Flickering screen on Climate control screen
  6. Cannot select Mute ON/OFF, when paused music in CarPlay
  7. Android Auto has no sound, after phone call with Google voice recognition, while Android Auto music is playing
  8. SXM playing start delays (around 50 seconds), after starting the system
  9. When playing AM/FM Radio station, try to change to SXM channel (registered by Parental Control) by using steering switch, No SMX cannel is displayed.
  10. Replay function of SXM, right position of Slider bar cannot be moved 31 Audio has no sound, when select display off mode
  11. Audio has no sound, when select display off mode
  12. Cannot change Audio volume or Audio source
  13. <Home> cannot be selected
  14. When restart Engine, while downloading map data through Wi-Fi, <Major Update>and/or <Up to Date> button is not displayed
  15. If destination set by voice recognition, after restart Engine, Navigation screen not displayed
  16. Steering switch button doesn’t work to select preset station or control music playback
  17. Preset station isn’t selected on the screen, when using steering switch button
  18. USB replay following system reboot doesn’t start from the same file
  19. Sorting criteria is changed in USB music. Folders, title change to file name. Albums, title change to trac number
  20. Audio source will change to Android Auto, while music is playing in USB
  21. Cannot display music list in USB audio
  22. Songs list is not displayed in USB (around 5000 music and more)
NOTE: There is no version number given. Fixes listed in this section do not appear in TSB 15-261-20R. Most other fixes from previous releases are included. The fixes from Updates (1) and (3) are omitted as per analysis of the prior fixes appendix of TSB 15-270-22. See reconciliation PDF for more detail.

Update (6) TSB No. 15-261-20R Addresses These Additional Conditions:
Version RC 2202
Software Version ID F11G*M122-780 (2020 MY)
Software Version ID F31G*M121-380 (2021 MY)
Software Version ID FB1S*M121-080 (2022 MY)
Software Version ID F51X*M121-280 (2022 MY Wilderness)
  1. System restarts itself during FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) update. FOTA operation is conducted in two processes: downloading (from the server to the Cockpit Control Unit via Wi-Fi) and installation (inside the Cockpit Control Unit). During the FOTA operation, after the new software has been downloaded to the Cockpit Control Unit (CCU) customer is to push “Install Now” on the Center Information Display (CID) to start installation of the software.

    However, in rare case, the CCU restarts itself* during installation.

    Note* Even if this symptom occurs, after approximately 2 minutes, the system resumes, and the CID comes back to the below screen. Customer can then push the “Install Now” to proceed with the installation.

Update (5) TSB No. 15-261-20R Addresses These Additional Conditions:
Version RC 2111
Software Version ID F11G*M112-680 (2020 MY)
Software Version ID F31G*M111-280 (2021 MY)
Software Version ID FB1S*M110-980 (2022 MY)
Software Version ID F51X*M111-180 (2022 MY Wilderness)
  1. Intermittent loss of Bluetooth connection
  2. “Software update setup is initializing ...” message displayed for an extended period of time (over 30minutes), after a follow-up attempt for CP1 software update via USB port is performed to recover a failure (In case this USB update failure occurs, retry updating according to the instructions in “Appendix C” in the TSB)
  3. Pop-up message ”Please go to your retailer to update the Gracenote Database” appears every time CP1 system is rebooted due to interruption of CP1 software update via USB port, ACC OFF or BATT power remove etc. (In case this USB update failure occurs, retry updating according to the instructions in“Appendix C ” in the TSB)
  4. No image on CID (Center Information Display) or Black display condition followed by CP1 reboot resulting from CCU (Cockpit Control Unit) internal communication error or due to listed below actions:
    • CP1 forced reboot is performed by pressing the “Vol” button continuously or by performing factory reset operation
    • Loss of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection
    • Application crash during Bluetooth audio streaming
    • Launching CarPlay or Android Auto application, after the smart phone is connected
    • Removing USB connection between the iPhone’s and CP1 during active CarPlay session
    • STARLINK application crash
    • Performing USB map update using Bluetooth connection with a smart phone carrying STARLINK Companion App map update data
    • When ACC is turned OFF and ON, while STARLINK Companion App map update is being performed
    • Navigation application crash
    • “Service Appointment Scheduler” application crash due to a communication error between DCM and CCM
    • Re-inserting USB Flash drive within 2-3 seconds
    • Removing USB Flash drive while playing back the data from the USB Flash drive
    • CID display loses images (black screen) and reboots itself after ACC (or Ignition) is turned OFF and ON.
  5. No image on CID (Center Information Display) or Black display condition and HVAC function becomes inoperative due to listed below actions:
    • Failure to complete CP1 software update via USB port (In case this USB update failure occurs, retry updating according to the instructions in “Appendix B ” in the TSB)
    • After the failure, Ignition Switch is turned off and on then an initializing process is started with “Software update setup is initialing……” message on the display, which requires about 15minutes to complete. During this message is displayed, power supply of CCM is cut off like disconnecting battery terminals.
    • Performing CP1 software update via USB port using the same software version

Update (4) TSB No. 15-261-20R Addresses These Additional Conditions:
Version RC 2105
Software Version ID F11G*M072-582 (2020 MY)
Software Version ID F31G*M071-182 (2021 MY)
Software Version ID FB1S*M070-882 (2022 MY)
Software Version ID F51X*M071-082 (2022 MY Wilderness)
  1. Momentary Black Display; The CID (Center Information Display) and in rare case together with the LCD in the combination meters go blank (black) momentarily. This condition might be followed by CP1 reboot. NOTE: Rear View Camera function is not impacted by this condition.
  2. Blank display when connecting CP1 to Wi-Fi network with long name (over 32 characters).
  3. While using Apple CarPlay, “SUBARU” is displayed on the iPhone Setting menu instead of vehicle name <LEGACY/OUTBACK>.
  4. Vehicle Setting Icon in <Home> menu is grayed out. Menu list in the “Car” tab in the Setting Menu is not displayed.
  5. CarPlay stopped working after hanging up a hands-free phone call.
  6. CID shows multiple images simultaneously.
  7. CID freezes/locks after startup. NOTE: Rear View Camera function is not impacted by this condition.
  8. Move (push ▲▼ repeatedly) and Select in Map list, then freeze and restart itself.
  9. The CID (Center Information Display) freezes/locks during Wi-Fi configuration
  10. Map freezes while Navigation guidance is being provided.
  11. Navigation operation restarts while driving.
  12. Reboot in Factory diag. mode, when removing USB drive or changing to other USB drive.
  13. CP1 system and combination meter reboot again following a forced reboot, when smart phone connected via USB port.
  14. CP1 system reboots following ignition OFF and ON
  15. Switching to Navigation demo mode after CP1 reboots during Bluetooth pairing
  16. CP1 system reboots, while selecting or using Map feature to configure the driving route
  17. Android Auto does not function. “Android Auto is Disconnected” is displayed with Launch Error message.
  18. CarPlay does not function with USB connection.
  19. Sound is muted after hanging up a hands-free phone call.
  20. Ring tones and the voice from the other end on the hands-free phone call cannot be heard
  21. No sound in SXM, following low or dead battery.
  22. Navigation guidance directions are not spoken.
  23. When iPhone phone book transfer fails, system repeats Bluetooth disconnection and connection.
  24. <Media> button does not function in <Home> menu.
  25. Vehicle location is not displayed correctly in Navigation screen.
  26. Radio station moves unexpectedly due to momentary flick or brush of the touch screen.
  27. Temperature setting cannot be controlled by Voice Recognition in Canadian (C*) specification.
  28. Preset outline is not shown following station selection using steering switch
  29. Others. Improvement in button design & location and Icon display, etc.

Update (3) TSB No. 15-261-20R Addresses These Additional Conditions:
Version RC2011
Software Version ID F11GBM032-280/F11G*M042-380 (2020 MY)
Software Version ID F31GBM030-880/F31G*M040-980 (2021 MY)
  1. Enable Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) functionality.
  2. Clarification of the post-FOTA procedure instructions required to complete the update. A message will appear with the text "Software Update Installation CompleteTo complete the update, your vehicle and STARLINK system must be fully shut down. Please turn off the engine and exit the vehicle. Lock doors, and let the vehicle sit for at least 5 minutes. It is recommended to walk at least 10 feet from the vehicle to prevent key fob interference. After waiting at least 5 minutes, enter the vehicle and turn the engine on. An “Update Successful” message will appear after a few moments. The update will then be complete."
  3. Currently, the microphone level indication is incorrect. The indicator level has been corrected.
  4. A reduced (low) volume (-6db) concern during handsfree conversation when using CarPlay has been addressed to make the volume level consistent.
  5. Voice recognition (VR) has been enhanced to improve recognition of short words (e.g. YES).
  6. The program has been corrected to prevent repeated rebooting and system freeze-up immediately after activation of AndroidAuto.
  7. Eliminate CP1 MOTA error message “Something went wrong. The system is unable to install any map updates. Contact your dealer for more information.”
List of New Functions and Enhancements Included in Update (3):
  1. OPERATIONAL ENHANCEMENT INCLUDED: The Auto Stop-Start On/Off function button has been moved from the bottom to top layer of the system for easier use.

Update (2) TSB No. 15-261-20R Addresses These Additional Conditions:
Version RC2003 / Software Version ID F11G*M022-504 (2020 MY)
  1. Several minutes after Engine start, the Center Information Display (CID) reboots.
  2. After an extended period of usage, some white blinking dots appear on the display.
  3. The display screen freezes or becomes blank (black screen) after a CD is inserted. This symptom occurs when a CD with over 99 characters of Artist Name Data is used.
  4. CIDreboots: In a case where the system was shut down with SXM selected as the audio source, the CID reboots after the next start up.
  5. SXM does not resume playing instantly: In a case where the system was shut down with SXM selected as the audio source, SXM takes more than 20 seconds to resume play after the opening screen is displayed (when it normally only takes approximately 5 seconds.)
  6. Radio station does not resume playing (no audio output): In a case where the system was shut down with Radio being selected as the audio source, audio output does not resume at the next start up. Once the audio source is changed to SXM, SXM plays normally but, if the source is changed back to the Radio, audio does not return and the radio display is also lost.
  7. Customer-selected Equalizer settings are lost. Equalizer returns to the default settings after ignition switch is turned OFF and back ON.
  8. The media source cannot be changed: Even if <Radio> or <Media> is selected, the media source does not change. In addition, Voice Recognition stops functioning at the same time. This condition occurs when the volume setting is continuously changed while the CID is booting.
  9. In a case where the system was shut down while the Navigation map screen was being displayed, the display goes blank (black screen) soon after the Disclaimer screen is displayed after restarting.
  10. CID reboots repeatedly after setting a destination using the Navigation system.
  11. CID reboots while using the Pandora application via CarPlay.
  12. Bluetooth connection cannot be reestablished when using certain smart phones: When using Android Auto on certain smartphones, a Bluetooth connection cannot be reestablished automatically once it has been disconnected.
  13. CarPlay connection cannot be established: When connecting an iPhone via USB, ”CarPlay Unavailable” is displayed and CarPlay does work.
  14. The HOME screen goes blank: When the screen is switched from Camera mode to HOME, no icons are displayed as shown below.
List of New Functions and Enhancements Included in Update (2):
  1. The previously selected customized map orientation setting is memorized even after ignition OFF / ON. If the customer changes the map orientation setting, the change is automatically retained.
  2. Pin display of POI is now available.
  3. In the 2D and 3D HU display mode, the vehicle position icon on the Navigation map is easier to identify:
    • Icon size increased from 7mm to 9mm.
    • Icon color has been changed to Dark Blue.
    • Icon position (when using route guidance) stays at the same position as when not using route guidance.
    • Icon has been re-positioned 9mm higher on the display.
  4. The ISS (Auto Start Stop) button has been moved to the upper layer in the Car Setting menu. By touching the “Car Setting” icon, the Auto Start Stop and Cruise Control Acceleration Characteristics menus can be accessed immediately, whereas selecting “Others” in the Car Setting screen was required to access these menus.
  5. HVAC control buttons of base grade are now larger and easier to see.
  6. Time zone and Summertime are now automatically selected:
    Default setting of clock setting is Auto. The time zone is changed according to the vehicle location, and Summertime is automatically set according to the calendar.
  7. Clock setting can be selected by touching the clock display in the status bar.
  8. AlbumArt is displayed when music is played and now continues to be displayed when the vehicle is in motion.
  9. CarPlay screen is now expanded from half size (horizontal) to full screen (vertical).
  10. When using CarPlay or Android Auto, a “CarPlay” or “Android Auto” tab will now appear on the Media tab bar. By selecting this tab, music data and metadata can be browsed.
  11. When using route guidance with CarPlay navigation, <Turn by Turn> descriptions will be displayed both in the Information bar of CID and in the MID located in the center of the combination meter.
  12. By touching the new CarPlay button located at the top of the CID, the CarPlay menu can be accessed easily.
  13. In a case where the system is shut down while is CarPlay connected, the system automatically resumes the connection at the next start up.
  14. <Siri> Voice Recognition function is ready to use faster than with previous version.
  15. Gracenote Media Database updated to November 2019.
  16. Sirius XM Smart Favorites menu has been removed from SiriusXM Settings
    • Going forward first 10 set Sirius XM presets are now smart favorites by default
    • Smart favorite channel has “star” added to the preset button

Update (1) TSB No. 15-261-20R Addresses These Additional Conditions:
Version RC1912 / Software Version ID F11G*M021-503 (2020 MY)
  1. The CP1 display and/or center Combination Meter display freezes. No response from touch screen or voice guidance. After switching the ignition off and opening the driver’s door, the system does not recover. NOTE: After switching the ignition off and leaving the driver’s door open more than 70 seconds, the system may recover after switching the ignition back on.
  2. Delayed response of rear view camera guide lines: When the rear view camera is activated and the steering wheel is turned, there is a delay before the steering-responsive guide lines respond to the steering wheel input.
  3. Fuel consumption display has unnecessary ‘Φ’ mark when changing mileage unit to Km.
  4. Diagnostics Recorder Data cannot be exported to the USB memory device. When the diagnostic log data is being downloaded (by selecting: Dealership Menu > Diagnostics Recorder > Export Data to USB), it fails after the progress bar reaches almost 90% with an error message of Export failed. Please try again.
  5. When using Voice Recognition to search for a ‘Nearby POI’ (Point of Interest) in Canada with FRENCH language selected, the CP1 display turns black and displays a Caution / disclaimer message.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Identify My CCM (Infotainment Unit) Software Version/Level?

Easy! Follow these steps.

Light Product Communication Device Portable communications device Gadget

Version Numbering:
  • The first four digits identify the hardware revision of the unit. Each model year has a different hardware identifier, and some models within a model year may be different.​
  • The 5th digit is either an H,M or B, identifying the level of that hardware unit​
  • The 6th digit is always the letter M​
  • The last 6 digits is the software version​
2020 Model Year
F11GHMxxx-xxx(High model software)​
F11GMMxxx-xxx(Mid model software)​
F11GBMxxx-xxx(Base model software)​
2021 Model Year
F31BHMxxx-xxx(High model software)​
F31BMMxxx-xxx(Mid model software)​
F31BBMxxx-xxx(Base model software)​
2022 Model Year
FB1SHMxxx-xxx(High model software)​
FB1SMMxxx-xxx(Mid model software)​
FB1SBMxxx-xxx(Base model software)​
WILDERNESS F51XHMxxx-xxx(High model software)​
WILDERNESS F51XMMxxx-xxx(Mid model software)​

What Does the High/Mid/Base Level Indicate?
simple. The High and Mid labels are for the 11.6” screen units. High is with Navigation, Mid does not have Navigation.

Base is the dual 7” screen units.

Light Blue Gadget Machine Audio equipment

Where Can I Download The Latest Firmware?
Go ask in the really big megasuperduper software thread, someone will help you out. Or search in that thread.

firmware download/installation questions DO NOT belong in this thread.

I Have Questions About Firmware That Isn’t In This FAQ.
Again, go seek answers in the really big megasuperduper software thread, someone will help you out.

Revision History:
OCT 31, 2021 - initial release. I’ll clean it up later
FEB 04, 2022 - added updates for Jan 28 release, updated links to firmware, added section on dealer installed option
APR 23, 2022 - updated TSB attached. Some details around update #6 added to text in post.
JUN 24, 2022 - updated May 02 TSB attached
AUG 03, 2022 - updated FOTA section
NOV 02, 2022 - updated fixes for update #7, Oct 31 TSB attached
JAN 06, 2023 - update fixes for original FOTA release. Attached PDF reconciliation of FOTA vs USB updates listed in respective TSBs.
FEB 01, 2023 - updated TSB attached.
MAR 13, 2023 - updated fixes listed for Update #8. Current TSB attached.
MAR 16, 2023 - updated FOTA TSB attached.


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I have an OUTBACK 2022 LIMITED XT (Canada) and asked my dealer to install the latest firmware.
They installed FB1SHM121-080. Does anyone know what the release notes are for this version and when it came out?

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I have an OUTBACK 2022 LIMITED XT (Canada) and asked my dealer to install the latest firmware.
They installed FB1SHM121-080. Does anyone know what the release notes are for this version and when it came out?
Four posts before yours is a huge post which lists the changes for FB1SHM212-080. Did you read it?
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