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Video of the noise is linked below

Hello everyone! So a few weeks ago I ended up noticing a whining noise coming from under my vehicle. As I noticed it more and more, I began to research the noise online to see if others had heard it from their 2020, or similar model you. Mind you, mine had 73,000 miles on it or so. Now, I do have aftermarket wheels on mine running some spacers as well, but, the whining noise started back when I had my OEM wheel setup. I bought the car 6 months ago with 62,000 miles on it or so, so when I began to hear this noise it was frustrating and concerning. I ended up bringing my vehicle to 3 different dealers, 2 Subaru dealers and one Toyota dealer (where I purchased the vehicle. The Toyota dealer sent me away and told me to see if it was a Subaru warranty issue, even though I purchased an extended warranty through the dealer I bought it from, more on this later...) and the second Subaru dealer said they could not replicate the issue. So this is where I finally began taking note of when I heard the issue before I brought it to the 3rd dealer. I noticed the noise start when the vehicle was at operating temperature, or halfway up the gauge. It also happened only when I shifted the vehicle, or when I hit the gas pedal at a low speed in drive or reverse. So finally the third dealer found the issue, and they stated that it was a failing CVT pump. This part is NOT serviceable so that meant the whole transmission needed replacing. The extended warranty company approved a used CVT with 25k miles for $2800, come to find out upon arrival that it was for a different model. So, finally after some back and forth between the dealer and the warranty company, they approved a brand new OEM transmission ($7100 MSRP), and also replaced a bad front axle which was another weird thing that the mechanic noticed while driving it, this was also covered under the extended warranty. All in all, I hope this helps others to know what to tell dealers if they hear this same noise on their similar year or model Subaru. My experience ended up working in my favor, and normally extended warranties are never worth it, but in this case, it ABSOLUTELY was! Video of the noise is linked below

2020 Subaru Outback CVT whining noise

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