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2023 Model Year - Gen 4.5 Denso CP1.5 Infotainment Firmware History Reference

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The purpose of this thread is to document the update history for the Subaru Outback Gen 4.5 Denso CP1.5 infotainment. It will serve as a record of the updates and a general lookup/destination for reference in other threads.

This thread is not intended for any lengthy discussion around firmware. This thread does not benefit from extended discussion or input here. Information is gathered from other threads, and consolidated here fore reference. This helps those that have not spent time, or do not want to spend time, reading through several other, very long threads

Please do not clutter this one up. See links below for better places to discuss that stuff. Things there may end up here, in summary form. There is already a dedicated thread for general discussion of the 2023 software - installation, updating, bugs, problems, etc. For further information, see the CP1.5 software thread

NOTE: Gen 4.5 is in the title of the TSB, and refers to the infotainment unit, not the generation of the outback.

What This Thread is NOT About:

Discussions around:
  • recalls
  • issues / problems
  • annoyances
  • help with operating
  • help installing firmware
  • your experience installing software
  • new features found in an update
  • should dealers install software
  • general software questions
  • etc
belong in other threads elsewhere on the site, as those threads already have more focused, and substantial, discussion.

  • 2023 Subaru Legacy and Outback (including Wilderness)
  • 2023 Subaru Ascent
These updates are for the North American market vehicles.

Helpful Links:

Recalls/Product Campaigns:

None so far.

The Fun Stuff!! Firmware Revision History:

Technical Service Bulletin 15-305-22R
2023 MY Legacy and Outback (including Wilderness)
2023 MY Ascent

The versions listed here apply to the North America market vehicles only (USA and Canada). Other regions may be similar, but the supporting documentation is intended for the North American market. Any downloads from the Subaru Technical Information System site are intended for North America market vehicles only.

NOTE: any update will contain all prior fixes, in addition to the current fixes listed, unless otherwise indicated.

Conditions Addressed by Update #2:
Version RC2
Software Version ID F61W*M033-681 (2023 MY)
Software Version ID F61WBM033-680 (2023 MY)
  1. CID goes black and does not accept any control.
  2. CID reboots.
  3. “Manage Devices” is grayed out and cannot establish Bluetooth connection.
  4. When the Bluetooth connection is cancelled manually on the mobile phone side during hands-free calling, the Bluetooth connection is disabled for that particular mobile phone. Even when it occurs, the connection can be reestablished by deleting the device in “Manage Devices” and register the device again by adding operation.
  5. Bluetooth connection fails against the device that was pared before and “Manage Devices” is grayed out.
  6. Bluetooth connection is disabled with a discrepancy in the display of status bar (showing Bluetooth devices being connected) and the “Manage Devices” screen
    (showing no Bluetooth devices being connected.)
  7. Android Auto Wireless (AAW) cannot be connected.
  8. Android Auto Wireless (AAW) cannot be started from “Manage Devices” Screen
  9. Sound volume control does not work while using Android Auto. It is caused by data communication error between Android device and CCU.
  10. Cyclic short noise like a drilling or vibration is heard from speakers.
  11. Sound is lost when changed to Subchannel 2 right after a preset HD radio channel has been selected.
  12. After the destination is set on Navi screen, voice recognition command of “Find <POI category> along route” is made, search results are not given in order of distance.
  13. When “Call” button is pressed in “Confirm Destination” screen of Navigation system (to call the destination site,) the call can be made but the screen does not transit to phone call screen.
  14. Popup of “The update was successfully installed” is not displayed after reboot (IG-OFF and ON) operation of FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) update.
  15. When tapping preset “Team Channel” on SMX, a popup of different game is displayed. It can occur under the following sequence of operations: [no examples given in TSB, use your imagination I suppose. "SMX" is Subaru's incorrect spelling, not mine]
  16. A wrong search location is used on TravelLink function.
  17. Music cannot be played sequentially when they are stored in different folders in a USB memory. The specifications are improved to enable music in different folders to be played sequentially.
  18. "Repeat All” is added as one of the play modes.
  19. “Track-up/down” can be used across folders in “Repeat All” mode.

Conditions Addressed By Update #1:
Version RC1 / Software Version ID F61W*M023-580 (2023 MY)
  1. iPod/iPhone tab in Media screen cannot be selected, when connected by USB. The symptom occurs when the iPhone is connected to CP1.5 via Bluetooth in parallel to USB connection by error. (It is supposed to be connected either via Bluetooth or by USB.)
  2. On the “Manage Devices” screen Bluetooth cannot be selected as connection preference.
  3. Status of Bluetooth on Manage Device screen is displayed as disconnect even though the Bluetooth Icon on top right of the screen is showing active.
  4. Cannot pair new Bluetooth device or cannot connect paired Bluetooth device. This symptom possibly occurs after repeating IG OFF/ON operation while still pairing operation.
  5. Cannot pair Bluetooth device, when Bluetooth device has long name including symbols.
  6. SXM station shortcut created by the customer does not work when the SXM has not been used as audio source after the Ignition Switch was turned on in the ignition cycle.
  7. Manage Device Screen becomes dark and inoperative when Ignition Switch is turned Off and On while starting CarPlay by CID operation.
  8. Cannot connect to CarPlay via wireless connection. This symptom possibly occurs after the Ignition Switch was turned Off and On abruptly.
  9. POI Search Result shows only city names and distances (without unit) when voice recognition POI search with Category name like “Find toll gate” is used.
  10. Navigation restarts itself, when the letters are rashly entered or deleted using keyboard function to search destination.
  11. “Manage Route” button is not displayed when touching the route line on Navigation system, when the route search criteria got changed in the Route Preference Screen after a route had been searched.
  12. “Manage Route” button is not displayed and buttons on the Current Route Screen become unselectable (turns to grayish fill) when the Navigation system is operated in the sequence of “Manage Route” > “Avoid Blocked Road” (in the Current Route Screen) > “Back.”
  13. After the FOTA is completed, the CCM does not send the confirmation data to the server even though it displays pop-up message of completion. The status is updated when the FOTA operation is made next time.
  14. A pop-up message of “Connection Error” is displayed when the pop-up message of Service Appointment Scheduler Popup is displayed after the engine was turned on and the “Read Now” button is pressed immediately after that.
  15. Pop-up message ”Please go to your retailer to update the Gracenote Database” appears every time CP1 system is rebooted due to interruption of CP1 software update via USB port (ACC OFF or BATT power remove etc.)

Conditions Addressed By Update #0:
Version 0 / Software Version ID F61W*M013-282 (2023 MY)
  • SOP (start of production) for 2023 model year Legacy/Outback

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Different Between the Gen 4.5 Denso CP1 and CP1.5 Version Units?

No idea. It's different firmware, and it's now listed in a DIFFERENT technical service bulletin, where the 2020-2022 CP1 units are all listed under their own TSB. That seems significant. For purposes of this thread, it's not important. A good place to ponder the question would be here in the CP 1.5 software thread.

How Do I Identify My CCM (Infotainment Unit) Software Version/Level?
Easy! Follow these steps.

Product Communication Device Mobile phone Portable communications device Mobile device

Version Numbering:
  • The first four digits identify the hardware revision of the unit. Each model year has a different hardware identifier, and some models within a model year may be different.
  • The 5th digit is either an H,M or B, identifying the level of that hardware unit
  • The 6th digit is always the letter M
  • The last 6 digits is the software version
2023 Model Year
F61WHMxxx-xxx(High model software)
F61WMMxxx-xxx(Mid model software)
F61WBMxxx-xxx(Base model software)

Why Isn't the Wilderness Model Listed?
The hardware identifier for the wilderness trim is the same as for the other trims in 2023. There is no different hardware version identifier as the 2022 had. The new update is designed to fit on one USB, with different sub directories, so that you only use the one USB stick to update multiple trims. No longer have to worry about putting the wrong files on there, just create the USB and it works for all of them.

What Does the High/Mid/Base Level Indicate?
The High and Mid labels are for the 11.6” screen units. High is with Navigation, Mid does not have Navigation.
Base is the dual 7” screen units.

Blue Gadget Machine Electronic device Multimedia

Revision History:
DEC 31, 2022 - initial release. I’ll clean it up later. Happy New Year!
JAN 09, 2023 - updated SOP firmware version number. Attached december TSB revision.
MAR 15, 2023 - updated fixes for update (2). Attached current TSB.


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because this wasn't a good starting point?
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because this wasn't a good starting point?
Because the purpose of this thread is different than the purpose of that thread.

This is a reference thread. I'll update the first post and hopefully make that a little more clear for others.

The first post in this thread I'll keep up to date as updates come out. like a do for four other threads, just like this one (firmware reference threads). I won't post updates in the other one, it's for discussion and other stuff. I might post things like "hey, there is an update to the TSB, might be some new firmware out", that sort of thing.

Please don't clutter this one up, it's more for ease of reference and summary, especially for those that don't follow the longer software threads regularly.

Thank you in advance!
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This thread is buried way down in the list. Can we pin this to the top?
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This thread is buried way down in the list. Can we pin this to the top?
Good idea. I have linked this thread on the website under 2023 at the top in case someone wants to refer to it.
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Good idea. I have linked this thread on the website under 2023 at the top in case someone wants to refer to it.
Sorry, but I’m not seeing it. In the 2020-future forum?
Sorry, but I’m not seeing it. In the 2020-future forum?
Sorry, I meant on the site. I am not a mod here so can't do any changes here :)
Sorry, I meant on the site. I am not a mod here so can't do any changes here :)
Gotcha. Yes I looked on the firmware site for the 23 but only found January. Mine was built February 14, so I’ll be doing the March update once the files become available. I’ve also asked my service manager but he hasn’t responded yet.
Updated my 2023 ob wilderness over the weekend. Took about 10 minutes to complete. Now waiting for them to add avh to the options like the 22 got
Updated my 2023 ob wilderness over the weekend. Took about 10 minutes to complete. Now waiting for them to add avh to the options like the 22 got
let them know in the chat thread, not here. This isn't a thread on how to install this, or if it worked right, and so on. Thanks!
This thread is buried way down in the list. Can we pin this to the top?
There's one similar thread already pinned, at least I think. I'm not that up on Gen 6 SW; is a thread merger appropriate?

I am not a mod here so can't do any changes here ....
I you want something changed, report it to us - personally speaking I don't read much of this forum, given I own a Gen 3.
There's one similar thread already pinned, at least I think. I'm not that up on Gen 6 SW; is a thread merger appropriate?
no - this thread is to document changes and the TSB specifically. I added a few other items to it, as information is difficult to find in the main chat thread. This is meant to be a consolidated reference thread, where people can come and find the information without digging through several other threads.

It's not meant as a thread which gets information from discussion within the thread itself. Some want it pinned because it has the information they want without going through hundreds of replies in those other threads.

for this one, and a few others, it would be nice to be able to update the very first post and lock any other replies to keep this one (and a few others l have like this one) free of replies that belong in those other threads, to keep it clean
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