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I thought I would start a thread for the 2023 Outback Delivery time frame since the main 2023 thread is getting to be quite voluminous. I thought it would be nice to compare experiences like the 2022 Outback Delivery thread and to give others insight on the timing for ordering a 2023 Outback. (Not sure if the 2023 is still considered a Gen 6 Outback - probably Gen 6 revision A.)

I'll start off:

My 2023MY Timeline:
7/14/22: Order placed - Outback Touring XT - Cosmic Blue - Nappa Brown [Day ordering of MY23 officially opened]
7/14/22: VON received with expected delivery date of October
8/15/22: VIN received with expected delivery date revised to September (Received VIN because I reached out and asked - not sure when it became available)
8/17/22: Scheduled Date
8/24/22 - Release Date
8/24/22 - Window Sticker became available that night - (pm).
8/25/22 - Rail Date
(9/12/22 - Estimated Arrival)

9/6/22 - Car Arrived at Dealership
9/7/22 - Took Delivery and Drove it Home!

Total time - from order date to arrival at dealership 54 Days.

For some perspective, the ordering time lines seem to be improving compared to my 2022 order which took 73 days. Here was my timeline for the 2022:
My 2022MY Timeline:
3/13/22: Order placed - Outback Touring XT
3/14/22: VON received
5/25/22: Arrived at Dealer
(From the date of my 2022 order arrival to when I got my 2023, it was a little less than 3 months and 2 weeks. Very reasonable wait for me to get the 2023.)

EDIT - I'm adding more reference resources here to help people track and to help those who want to learn more about the 2023.

To track your vehicle delivery to your dealership. (If your dealership uses Cassens transport for delivery.)
To see your Window Sticker, enter your vin on this site:
If you have your VIN and your dealer has completed their part, you may be able to see your vehicle on You get to name your vehicle at this point:

To get your Subaru Badges of Ownership

2023 Subaru Outback Owners Manual - Touring XT - I'm not sure if the owner's manuals are different based on trim, but here is a link to the 2023 Outback Touring XT - Please note that from this link you can also navigate to other info such as: In-Vehicle Technologies; Warning & Indicator Lights; Standard Features

Information from Subaur's US Media Center:

2023 Outback Premium XT
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07/05/2022 - Order placed for '23 Premium XT

No VIN, but was told the vehicle is built with the 06/20/2022 group of vehicles, however, the delivery date is still late November/early December.

The dealer hasn't provided too many details. In central Canada, so I hope delivery comes sooner rather than later... would like it before the snow hits!

2023 Outback Touring (ordered)
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Time for me to join in on the fun!

8/19/2022 - Ordered 2023 Outback Touring

TBA on just about everything else. Dealer told me new orders for them have been taking 12-16 weeks, which would be perfect for me. Hope it doesn't come in anytime before November, really.
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My Timeline:
7/23/22: Order placed - Outback touring XT
7/24/22: VON received with expected delivery date of October
As of 8/23/22, VIN not generated yet. Delivery date revised to September.
As of 8/25/22, VIN not generated yet. Delivery date back to Oct.
As of 8/29/22, VIN not generated yet. Delivery date Oct.
As of 9/1/22, VIN generated. Expected delivery date Oct. Add VIN to, vechicle not loading.
As of 9/2 morning, window sticker available.
As of 9/3, works fine and showing the ETA to be last week of Oct.
Dealer called on 9/8 and have a ETA of Oct. 2 for me.

Eagerly waiting for a 23OBXT
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2023 OBXT Cosmic Blue, factory hitch, wireless charger and no skid plates (adding this as it may have an impact or may not), Limited.
Order date: Aug 11, 2022
Received VON at the dealership before I walked out
Called SOA via live chat on 8/22/2022 and was told VIN available mid-Sept.
Expected date: Month of October although I was verbally advised it could be November

'19 Legacy Limited ('23 Legacy Touring on order)
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Now that some of us have a VIN, is there a tool for us to track our car or for more information? Does mySubaru give us more info?
You might be able to track it, but there are a lot of ifs. Depending on your area, Cassens is the largest freight Subaru uses(as far as I'm aware anyway). If you know your dealer number(check paperwork, should be 6 digits) you can try and look here:

My Subaru will give some limited info such as "on the way" if you enter your VIN. It may or may not accept your new VIN.

'22 Abyss Blue Touring XT
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How you you get the full VIN #. I called customer service yesterday and they have me the last 8. Does that just mean the rest isn't available yet?
My salesperson gave me the full VIN about three weeks after I placed the order. She advised that I do not call SOA about updates, but to ask her first...why that is, I'm not sure. I'm guessing to cut down the call volume to corporate? Re: only giving you 8 digits, no idea...if they have the last 8 they should have the first 9.
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