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2023 UHP A/S 225/55/17 Uniroyal

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I like that it is an extra load. The tread reminds me of their sister BFGs TAs.


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I'm running a very comparable tire, same load rating, BFG G-Force Comp 2 A/S on a vehicle other than a Subaru. This Uniroyal runs 2 + lbs lighter each in the same size. Looks interesting.
The comp 2 as was the first set of tires I used on this car. Loved them. Seemed grippy and good in rain but the first 50% of tread went real quick. I got a trip to Continentals Uvalde facility and fell in love with the G-Max AS05. More traction than the BFG. Not vocal. The BFGs would give a high pitched squeal on fast corners at the edge of traction before sliding out. The Generals give a mysterious low whirring noise doing the same thing except that they don't suddenly break free. I don't think I've ever slid my car on pavement while on Generals. I'm almost at the end of my 2nd consecutive set. It's only shortcoming is that it is a standard load tire.
The Michelin made Uniroyal is an extra load tire which makes it durable from impacts. If you compare spec sheets, this is equal to a police pursuit tire.
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