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225/50/17 Dunlop winter sport 3d

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Hey all. I'm just trying to get an idea of what people would do.
I have a set of basically new 225/50/17 dunlop WS 3d from last year I had on my sti. Winter was weak on the east coast so I used them for less than 1k.

My question is would you sell for half price ( $400) and get the appropriate size or just say screw it and throw them on the car. Either way I would have to get a winter set of used wheels.

Will they not perform in the few or no snow storms I may or may not encounter?
I snow board so there may be a few weekends I go up to Vt from NYC.
And suggestions would be great
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· Meh.
I has wagons.
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Aaaaaaaaaaand you want to run them on what vehicle?
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