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2007 EDM H6
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I recently acquired a set of Geolandar G015's in 225 70 15 - Mounted them on Method MR502 VT-Spec's

Since I googled extensively beforehand, and couldn't find any exact experiences, decided to share mine

1) With the +15mm offset, the fronts rub even at mild turning, you can't even turn 30 degrees, you have to reduce your speed to 10km/h to do any kind of turn
2) Generally, the wheel/tire mounts up without any issues, there is clearance - before actually riding the car, it was debatable whether there would be any issues, so if you are converting your car to offroad, you could probably run this combo with ease, by removing the mudguards
3) The car has soft suspensions, while cruising, even a mild springiness causes the rears to rub

So all in all, it's definitely impossible to run this combination without modifications, I recently bought an 2" lift kit from subieliftoz, so the fitment/test was mainly out of curiosity, even with the lift, I suspect the front will require some inner beating, to prevent rubbing while turning - no photos yet tho, I intend to do a build thread at one point

I immediately took the car to my mechanic for a review, there wasn't any ride/balance related issues, he was surprised at how well it rode, while waiting for him, I discovered a stripped lug nut tho, so I can't use my set of Muteki steel lug nuts any more - 50% the stud was defective, 50% the power tool stripped the lug nut that was supposed to be hand-fastened
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