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2k OB Ltd Cylinder Misfire Issue

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Well, possible cylinder misfire issue. 200 Outback Limited, 2nd owner, currently has 170k. 1st owner kept up with maintenance very well, we have put about 25k since we bought it. I began noticing a misfire a few months ago. Seemed like it happened mostly at highway speeds when trying to accelerate, say for a pass or after deceleration due to random idiot conditions. CEL was on, was getting a random misfire code so I replaced the plugs, wires and valve cover & plug hole gaskets as they were leaking oil into the plug holes. I used aftermarket wires from the local parts shop. Problem almost went away, definitely improved, but over a few weeks it came back. I just replaced the plug wires again with Subaru parts and again the situation improved but didn't completely go away. However now it seems like it happens at lower speeds/RPMs rather than highway speeds. How robust is the coil in this car? It is the next part on the "Misfire diagnostic" list. Just looking for some feedback on potential/known alternate problems I might be facing.
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When you say a random misfire code, do you mean the you got misfires on different cylinders at different times ?

Did you feel the car acting strange when you were getting the codes ? or was it just coding ?

Could be inj acting up, knock sensor, heat related coil issue, valves out of adjustment, low fuel pressure, cam or crank sensor giving bad info.

If you're suspecting the coil, check for cracks in the housing and carbon trails on the intake [arc burn]. Try misting the coil with water at night with the engine running, look for blue arcs.
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