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Not too happy about a 3 day old car popping codes.
everything else being equal i would prefer that over a 3 month or 3 year old car popping a code. it doesn't seem that surprising to have some initial blips that are benign due to priming, wear in, break in, etc, where as later on they likely take on a more symptomatic nature.

nonetheless - an expensive risk you probably shouldn't have to take and surely subaru does all they can to not have that happen on such a new vehicle too - the responsibility still seems to fall on them....

is there a way to document it in case this code or related issue ever come up again or is a new car the only solution you see at this point?

check engine light is not a big deal. there are lots of codes that are benign and the car will run forever with (a previous poster's oxygen sensor is probably one of them - likely a P0420 code - none of the computers in the car even use that data at all to run the vehicle). the only risk with ignoring the light is that if the light is on you won't know if it "comes on again" so to speak due to something else. other than that there are plenty of codes that are easily ignored.

i'm not saying i suggest ignoring it, it just doesn't matter, it's a tool that's all. there's no value in debating the importance of the light, folks can decide what fits for them and there are plenty of folks that can ignore it with no ill effect.
1 - 2 of 48 Posts
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