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3rd & 4th gear rattle & no sound from speakers

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My 2004 Outback that I recently purchased has a 5 speed transmission. when I bought the car it had a rattle coming from what I thought was the throw out bearing. The first thing I did was have the clutch replaced. The rattle is still there... When in 3rd or 4th gear as I accelerate there is no problem, when I take my foot off the gas the rattle immediately begins. If I depress the clutch pedal the rattle stops.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
Finally, I also have no sound from the speakers. Radio is working and I even replaced the head unit from a 2006 Outback and still no sound...
Thanks for any help.
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weird how 4 speakers get blown out . . .
They probably failed one by one.

The usual cause is fatigue failure of the flexible braided connection between the speaker's fixed terminals at the back and the moving voice coil cone. It usually shows up initially by sounding "scratchy" and then eventually stops working.

In a 2001, aging of the cone material, especially at the outer circumference, can also cause failure of the speaker.

Some people rarely, if ever, use the radio and, when the car is sold, might not know that the speakers aren't working. Next owner then notices "no sound".

Here's another thread with the same problem that was the speakers:
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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