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3rd & 4th gear rattle & no sound from speakers

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My 2004 Outback that I recently purchased has a 5 speed transmission. when I bought the car it had a rattle coming from what I thought was the throw out bearing. The first thing I did was have the clutch replaced. The rattle is still there... When in 3rd or 4th gear as I accelerate there is no problem, when I take my foot off the gas the rattle immediately begins. If I depress the clutch pedal the rattle stops.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
Finally, I also have no sound from the speakers. Radio is working and I even replaced the head unit from a 2006 Outback and still no sound...
Thanks for any help.
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Thanks, no sound with a cd either. Never thought that all the speakers would be out but I read another post where he had the same issue and replaced the front speakers and viola has sound! Will try some speakers this weekend...
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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