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4"-6" lift 2000 limited OBW

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Does anyone know where to buy a kit from? I been searching the internet, but have come up dry. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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If you are going that high, build your own. You won't find it anywhere.

In order for it to be drivable with this kind of lift, you will have to custom manufacture a lot of suspension and drivetrain parts. A 2" lift on these cars is pushing it because the drivetrain is put into stress.

But, if your curious, here's a list:

Longer struts with springs to fit. Front and rear. You will also have to modify the lower control arms a bit on the front. If you choose the correct strut and spring combo for the rear, you'll achieve a lift, but camber will be an issue.
The engine and transmission/transfer case supports will have to be spaced away from the uni-body, which will lower the engine "down" from the body.
The rear differential, also, will have to be remounted.
Longer CV axles.
Camber Kits for both front struts. There is no camber adjustment on the rear, but if necessary you could build an arm to allow for camber adjustments.
All the harness, Hoses, steel lines for AC, PS and brakes will have to be manufactured to fit the lift.
Then you have anything that you will run into during disassembly and reassembly or anything I haven't thought of at this moment that will probably occur to me tomorrow while I'm working on my VDC.

I am not saying it can't be done. It will be a lot of work and parts investigating.

Just don't expect a "kit".

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The site is apparently down now. He makes top notch kits for the older cars and recently added the "new" Legacy's.

If you lift the way Subaru's traditionally have been, every thing is just dropped down. Struts do NOT change, springs do NOT change, control arms do NOT change, and cv axle length does NOT change. Front strut blocks can be built to compensate for camber. Whiteline makes a replacement bushing for the rear camber, and they also make replacement rear control arms if you want to go all out.
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