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4EAT problem after engine removal for head gaskets

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2001 Legacy GT Wagon, 2.5L, 4EAT, 100000miles, no mods.

Firstly: thanks to all those who made the head gasket, water pump, pulleys,timing belt swap so understandable - Keyoutback, Subiesailor and so on.
Engine is back in and running well. Problem is with the automatic which was perfect before the engine removal/replace but is now throwing codes.

Check Engine light: ODB2 gives P0778 (Solenoid B). Comes back after being cleared using ODB2 scanner.
AT Fluid Hot light: TCU gives either 76 (2-4 Brake Duty Solenoid) or 77 (Lock-up Duty Solenoid. Comes back after being cleared by pulling Fuse#4.

Lost a little fluid when disconnecting AT lines from Rad - added about 6 ounces of Dexron to bring it up.
Slightly concaved the AT pan when lifting for engine alignment (My Bad).
All related electrical connectors have been separated, treated with Dielectric grease and reconnected.

System is now in limp mode with no 1,2 3 - only Drive. Low speed disconnect of AWD is not functioning - scuffs on tight turns while parking.
Starting voltage and continuity tests of harness from AT to TCU but progress is slow.
Is it possible the concaved pan is shorting/grounding the solenoid connectors?
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Roblog. Thanks for the input. I felt that there was enough spring force in the contacts to allow the grease but I will clean with mineral spirits and try again.
I will also drop the pan to straighten it and will check all internal wiring at that time.
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