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The car is still drivable but there is less travel to the clutch and it requires more force to depress. When it pops out you'll hear a loud forcefull POP, also there is a small plactic clip that'll fall from the assembly to the floor mat.
You are in lemon law territory now. If they can't fix the problem within 3 repairs you are entitled to a refund in most states. If you can't get some satisfaction from the subaru rep (like a new 2013), get a refund and purchase another vehicle. It will have only cost you interest paid or lost.. If you leased it, you should be able to terminate your lease without penalty.

Having a part fall out repeatedly and requiring increased pedal pressure is not a normal problem. It sounds like your dealer is incapable of fixing the problem, perhaps a new dealer can advise you better.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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