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2010 Outback 3.6R Limited
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I realize this is an old thread, but I just picked up my 2010 3.6 and it is still a great vehicle, today. It was nice to find this thread with all the original reviews and test drives, and all the first-hand experiences with the OB when it was still new.

2012 Subaru Outback 2.5i Touring.
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Wow, that is a comprehensive list. I now have a list of even more reasons to confirm why I bought mine. Thanks for the Canadian perspective.

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Got a 2010 3.6R premium for $8500. they normally go for about $10-11K here.

things you need to look for on a used outback 3.6R after you drive it about 30 miles or so.

1. suspension noises, there is a reason my car was $8500. Thankfully about $350 in parts has resolved that issue. (new OEM control arms, bushings, end links)

2. does the transmission shift well when cold and hot? If not, RUNNNNN FORREST RUNNNNN!!!!

3. connect a OBDII tool and check to make sure all of the readiness monitors have passed and that there are no pending codes. If not, move along, you got potential issues.

4. are all of the tires the same brand and age/wear?

5. these cars wear diapers under the engine bay so you will need to have the car inspected by a reputable mechanic
if you are unable to do the inspection yourself for leaks.

6. open the hood, does it smell like any fluid or burning fluid?

fluid visible check

power steering should be red
coolant is either green or blue (Subaru now uses the blue coolant)
brake fluid should not be so dark you cannot see light through it

hose check

is the intake on tight? is it stock? if not, move along.

7. does the engine run smoothly, if not, move along, could be plugs, could be something else

8. remove push pins on air duct and then remove duct and check air filter, does it look nasty? Prolly should move along as what else are they holding off on?

If you buy the car

1. take it straight for an oil change.

2. you are going to have to service EVERY SINGLE FLUID regardless of mileage... unless the previous owner hands you a super stack of service maintenance work done, consider it not done. Will cost you around $150-200 if you use al OEM stuff (coolant, brake fluid, ATF, differential) and about 40% if you go aftermarket.

on my car that I bought I have replaced

engine oil
trans fluid
power steering fluid
differential fluid
new tires
new end links front and rear
new sway bar bushings front and rear
new center caps (some were missing)
new air filter
new cabin filter
new serpentine belt

it had newish brake fluid due to newish brakes so I will service it in the spring when it gets warmer outside, ditto for the coolant. finally I will tackle the spark plugs (what a pitb)

I will also be putting on newer lower control arms as a complete assembly and new smart strut assemblies for a 13-14 in the spring (all 4 corners)
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