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2008 Outback 3.0r LL Bean
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Hi Everyone!

Been dropping by now and again for some of the sage wisdom purveyed on these pages, finally go t around to registering.
I say 5th times a charm because the pages would constantly lock up and multiple times had rebooted before I could save my intro..... So, used a different browser and here we are!

Anyways, been a long time Scoobie fan since I sat in the back of one of my older cousins subaru brat with those rear facing seats and hand grips, those were the bomb! Well, being in JR High, had to wait to get my own car for a while.

Spent a lot of time driving one of my friends late 70's subaru wagon, always amazed that someone would put the tire on top of the engine. My first was a used 85 gl sedan that took me everywhere in WA and OR, especially when my FIATs and Lancias broke down. Second was an 86 RX Turbo Sedan, which was about the most awesome Scoobi I owned, who doesnt like Turbo and shift on the fly 4WD! My first new car ever was a 2002 WRX, 'nuff said, then I grew up, got married (again) and after the second clutch replacement trade it in for a 2008 Outback 3.0r LL Bean, next a 2008 Impreza 2.5i Premium Sedan which was eventually traded in for a 2011 Outback 2.5i Premium Wagon for the extra room due to my wifes work, then sadly, due to dual job loss had to sell that one back to carmax :( until a few years later when I bought a nicely restored 2000 Outback Wagon (again because my FIAT stopped working).

Anyhoo.... Still rocking the 2000 outback and the 2008 LL Bean, but recently had the wife tell me that just before she got to the house the car (2008 97k mi) had started running rough and the dash lights started flashing crazily (you know, it the way that makes wives panic). Being that I am only a few months out from sliding off a roof and seriously messing up my ankle, I hobbled out the next morning and plugged the bluetooth obd2 tester and saw the good old p0306 engine code. Well, came here and did my research, THANKS DISPATCH 20, and headed down the tragic diagnosis path.

At first it seemed like it might have been a tank of bad gas, but after the car started running fine and the code cleared, then failed again, generating the same code and maybe went through that cycle before it never started working again. I cleared the code and with the Mrs help rolled the car up onto some ramps and painfully replaced all the plugs with a new set of the oe style iridium NGKs and swapped the #6 and #2 coil packs. Fired it up and was immediately rewarded with a rough running car. Now the car hasn't officially generated a verified code, despite having her drive it in its hobbled state for a few days (I'm still not allowed to drive or walk), it did show a pending code of p0306 however and that was enough for me. Dropped a few dollars on Amazon for an adjustable Noid light which arrived today and I was able to remove the engine cover and fuel rail cover and start the car. After breaking on of the plastic tabs on the #4 injector was able to remove the #6 injector plug and of course it made no difference. Then hooked up the noid light and saw nothing, just to make sure the light was working, plugged it into #4 plug and despite almost killing the engine was rewarded with a nicely strobing light.

Well, that leaves me with the ECU it seems. :crying: Not sure I am going to test the continuity since there seems to be a history of ECU failure with these units from what I read here.

The real question that is left is, used of new? If my research is correct, part# 22611am86a , can be found used for somewhere between 100-200 bucks and a new one about 600 at its lowest offering, of course either option will require a trip to the dealer to have it installed (immobilizer?) or programmed or whatever, so add another couple hundred.

Any advice on new or used?

Car troubles aside, I live in the central NC area and have for the last 12 years, but moved here from the Pacific Northwest where I was born and grew up. Have worked in the auto/tire industry as well as my current and past jobs in IT support. Have always loved working on cars (have to with FIATs) and motorcycles as well as building and repairing computers as my hobbies.

Glad to finally be here legit!


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