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2013 Outback, 2.5i Limited w/ Moonroof
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Here are what I used, and what I would recommend:

Differential fluid: I use Mobil 1 75W-90 GL5. It has served me very well. Some here like Red Line. It's a great product, but imho, a lot of overkill for an Outback. I got mine at Autozone.

Brake fluid: I use ATE 200 DOT 4. Ok, it is probably overkill for an Outback. But I chose it not only because of it's excellent temperature rating, but also because it is less hygroscopic than most other brands. I ordered it from Amazon. My second choice would be Pentosin super DOT 4. It's also a cut above the rest, but a few dollars cheaper than the ATE 200, and it's available at Autozone. But if you are looking for just a good brake fluid at a good price, you won't go wrong with Valvoline DOT3/DOT4. You probably won't ever know the difference. It used to be available at Autozone, but when I just checked, it showed as Not Available.

Power Steering Fluid: Mobil 1 ATF. Your Owner's Manual shows Dexron IV or higher as a recommended power steering fluid. The Mobil 1 ATF has a very low cold pour point, so that's why I selected it. But I've also used Valvoline Max Life ATF. It's cold pour point and cold viscosity ratings are very similar to that of Mobil 1 ATF. Both are available at Autozone. Do not succumb to the temptation to go cheap and use Castrol Transmax ATF unless you live in a warm cimate. It's cold performance is terrible compared to the other two. Ah. I just checked, and see you live in San Jose. Maybe the Castrol would work for you. But I wouldn't use it.

CVT fluid: I opted to stay with the Subaru CVTF II fluid. Many don't like to use it because it does cost more than the aftermarket CVT fluids. But I was quite cautious and didn't want to use anything that isn't specifically formulated for the Subaru specs. Others say they are complaint, but also compliant to half a dozen other specs at the same time. Now that there is a lot more information out there on experiences that others have had with aftermarket CVT fluid changes, I think I may go with Amsoil or Idemitsu next time. If you do decide to stay with Subaru fluid, don't be shy about asking your local Subaru dealership to give you a discount. I saved quite a bit by doing that. IIRC, I got them for under $12/qt.

Spark plugs: Stay with the same brand and p/n as the factory plugs. Here is the info: NGK SILZKAR7B11 (93482). The best price by far was Rock Auto when I did my 60k service.

May I also recommend a tool for the spark plug change? Consider one of these for the spark plug changes. I didn't have one when I did my 60k service, but based upon my experience, I got one for when my 120k service comes up. The rear passenger plug isn't too hard, and neither is the front passenger plug. But the driver front plug took more time than both of the passenger plugs combined, and the rear driver plug took more time than the others combined. The space between the head and the frame is much closer on the driver side. And there are a lot more hoses and such in the way. This is where I really thing the Tite-reach would have helped.

Good luck. I personally found the 60k service to be very satisfying. For me at least, it was nice to know that all the fluids were fresh. Filters were all clean. Plugs were new. And Wiper blades, which I change on a 15k mile basis, where new.
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