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Okay, not really 7 discs in one unit, but I had some fun at the junkyard today. Found a Forester that had been flipped over, and nobody touched the interior. Got the radio, and leather shift knob. The leather e-brake handle was still there, but I'm not strong enough to slide it off!

$1.82 for the shift knob and $28 for the radio. Sounds awesome, and the old single disc plugged right in! Not that there's any reason for it, but I figured I'd just fill up the space. :D

What are some other easy junkyard swaps that you guys have found? I picked up a nice '03 cluster with the silver trim rings around the gauges, but found that the mileage is cluster-specific and not stored in a separate computer. I'd rather my cluster didn't say 195,000mi, so I'll be returning that one. It did work though.
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