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If there's a noticeable leak, and you can't identify where it's from and correct it, then take the car in, at least to have that checked. (If it's coming from the cooling system, you could lose enough coolant to cause overheating of the engine. That could cause other problems.)

also, don't disregard a CEL that's on, and all the more so, one that's flashing. A flashing CEL indicates a (relatively) serious problem. If you are getting a CEL, then there's a code (or more than one) that's probably stored in the car computer memory (even after the CEL goes off). When that code is deciphered, the problem will be better understood. Dealers, garages, and many auto parts stores are equipped to connect a code reader to the car.

Oh, and yes, cardoc's is the place to go if your in the area.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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