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1995 Subaru Legacy 2.2L 2wd auto
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Hi ima new member here but not new to working on my 1995 subaru legacy L 2wd automatic. i love her but i cant get rid of this little group of problems. no matter what forums i go to nor what mechanic i see...

so i hope some one here has some helpfull incite :)

well when the car is cold first start in a while or of the day she runs strong but shifts just as strong a lil harsh if u ask me. then after she warms up she gets a little slugish.

also when warmed up, when taking off my speedo will fluctuate between 0 and 40 untill i hit 2nd or 3rd gear not 100% sure. and while slowing down to below 20 my speedo will fluctualte once again but will also shift into the corresponding gears. if i dont touch the gas and coast below 20mph i can feal it shift into all the different gears.

and finally when warm when i get on it she'll hesitate big time to wear i feal like my back breaks are locked up but they arnt. i was thinking maybe transmision bands and my front o2 sensor??

ill upload a video tomaro after work showing all the symptoms.
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