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Just bought the car a week ago and the engine started fine everyday until we got a real cold winter storm in SoCal with temps in 30s.
The engine cranks normal, but no start...not even one momentary fire.
I checked the fuses and their fine, battery is fine.
Are their temp sensors on a 2.2l?
I have other cars I can use until the weather gets 60s like we normally do in January. Is it likely to start then?
There were no warning signs at all.
Thanks for your help!

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Are you getting fuel? Spark?

There are two temperature sensors on the engine. One for the gauge, one for the computer. If the one for the computer is malfunctioning, it won't start. It will prevent the IACV from opening.

Try to hold the accelerator down a little and crank it. If it starts this way, let off the pedal. If it dies, try it again. If it starts and runs while your on the pedal and stalls off, check the temp sensor, the two wire sensor, mounted in the coolant crossover pipe under the intake manifold just off center toward the passenger side.

Spark and fuel is the same check. Pull the fuel hose from the filter and check for flow. With the coil, pull a plug wire and check for spark to a ground at the plug end. Just don't do it near fuel.
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