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am new to this forum. I will appreciate any assistance offered.

I have a 1997 OBW /5 spd with 230K. It had been running well. Then, it started and seemed to be running on three cylinders. It would "fade" when accelerating, especially up hills. CEL was ON; code turned out to be P0341 Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Range Problem.

The car was taken to a local repair shop. The Cam Censor was replaced. The spark plugs, wires and air filter were replaced. Curious note: all of the spark plugs were fouled, except #3 which was "normal". There was no change in the way the car ran, CEL still ON.

The repair shop replaced the cam sensor with three new ones to no avail. Sensor wiring and harness have been checked. The timing belt (and pulleys) were replaced about 20K miles ago. The timing belt was inspected and checked, it had not jumped a tooth. After several days of trouble shooting, the cause of the problem could not be found.

Several hundred miles (and at lease a dozen starts) before the problem appeared, the starter and power steering pump were replaced.

The repair shop and I are at a loss for the cause of the problem. Does anyone have an idea as what is going on?

Thank you.

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