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98 making noise.....grrrrrrr

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ok so on my outy when in gear driving at any speed when you let off the gas its makes a growling noise, as soon as you hit the gas it goes away sounds like its coming from the right rear of the car? could it be one of these....... Tranny? rear end? wheel bearing? seems its on thing or another with this car, i do like it and in it cheap enough but geeze
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How many miles do you have on it? Can you hear it down as low as ~5mph? If so does the growl become a tic-tic-tic. Any change in tone in a turn either at speed or a slow sharp turn?

I would look at (in order):

1 - axle shaft - check boots for crack, wiggle the shaft and see if there is any play.

2 - Drive Shaft - you would probably have to drop it but it is not that bad of a job. Check u-joint for free motion.

3 - Rear diff - if you haven't changed the oil it would be worthwhile changing it anyway. Look for metal flakes.

You can check your wheel bearing if you want but I doubt that is the problem since they tend to make noise depending on the speed of the car, not whether or not the tire is under rotational load (foot on the gas).

The first thing to do if possible would be to find a parking garage where you can get some good reflected sound and try to nail down what corner of the car it is coming from.
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