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98 OB fuel leak

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Hey guys, I have just discovered a decent fuel leak on my 98 OB 2.5 5spd. It started making puddles from small drips from the passenger side of the fuel tank on the ground just in front of the passenger rear wheel.
I've read up on the fuel filler tube, and pulled off my plastic cover thing to find a rusted tube, but no leaks from it (and it seems it would drip elsewhere as well). I plan on repairing the tube soon, but in the meantime I need to get to the actual leak.
I removed the upper panels to see if I could see anything, and I did find a hose that has a tear approximately halfway around it. It is the smallest of the 3 hoses on the top of the tank on the passenger side as seen through the passenger side porthole. I would like to know what this line is, if it is possible that it is the entirety of my leak, and where it ends up at so I can pull it and get a replacement.

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Thank the gov't for letting moonshine to be added to our gasoline supply. All the rubber and plastic parts of older cars' fuel systems will eventually rot away from this ethanol garbage that we now have to use. I have an 02 OBW with a fuel leak of it's own. Fortunately, the leak seems to seal itself once the engine has warmed up, but if you do a cold start in cold weather, don't run anything on the climate control unless it is on recirculate, or the gas fumes are bad enough to make me literally sick. I run the recirc button on warm up starts, but you can still faintly smell the gas. It's a really big issue for me, I'm afraid some of this "gasohol" will run onto a hot exhaust manifold and then....Contact your nearest political puppet and tell him or her that Everclear 190 is for people, not cars. To make it worse, lobbyists from the Midwest are pushing the ethanol to 15, and even 20 percent in the future. Pretty scary stuff.

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Jonota, Any resolution to this issue? My 98 outback is at the shop right now... it went in for a leaking brake line, but I got the call yesterday that he's noticed that I have 2 gas leaks. I thought I just had a rusted neck filler pipe and never filled the car above 3/4. But he said I have a leak on both sides, and it appears to be coming from the lines that come out of the fuel pumps. He's doing some research on the cost for the parts. But lucky for me he said the gas tank and filler neck appear to be fine. Hopefully it won't be that expensive, at least now if he drops the tank to fix it, he can do the brake line leaks at the same time! LOL. This is what I get for having a 15 year old Norther NY car... RUST RUST RUST. :(
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