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Hi all,

I have a 99 outback anniversary edition with AT and around 200k on the engine.


The head went bad a few months back, I messed up the valves and cams in the process of fixing the gasket, and ended up putting a new head on. Once we got the head on, we couldn't get it to start. We noted that if we unplugged the mass flow air sensor it would start up fine. Then the minute we plugged it back in, it would kill the engine. Eventually it just started running again after a bit of finagling. The only issue left was a small clicking noise whenever the car started. After the engine warmed up it went away and ran without any issues.


After around 600 miles of everything running fine, I went to go return the car to my daughter who lives at college. I took a pretty sharp turn getting on the highway and everything went bad. All of a sudden it wouldn't shift into first gear or overdrive (typical drive on an AT). Also, the "At Oil Temp" light is continuously flashing. I have a feeling it's a bad solenoid or something with the transmission.

Honestly, I am at my wits end with this car. I got it for a steal a few years back for my daughter and it ran fine up until this head issue. Looking for any suggestions or advice before I give up!

Thank you in advance for your time!!!
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