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1999 Legacy Outback, 2.5L
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I recently purchased a 99 Outback, and after a few days of driving, now the radio stays on with the key removed? This morning I drove to work and it stayed on, but it wen't off after cycling the key a couple times. When I got home today, it stayed on for good this time. This time though the main fan stayed on too.

I pulled the radio fuse and the fan shut off, but the radio stayed on. I pulled the clock fuse in the engine bay fuse block and it killed the radio. When I put it back in the radio comes back on. None of the other ACC switch enabled functions worked, like headlights and heather fan, so it doesn't seem like it is an ignition switch problem.

Anyone have any pointers where to start on this thing? I'm new to Subaru's and I haven't had a chance to get in there with a meter yet, plus the Haynes manual is still on the way. Almost seems like a suck relay, or a pretty good short powering the radio through the clock?

BTW, the radio is stock and looks to be the original. So it doesn't appear it was just hooked up wrong.
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