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When I picked up my 2012 the salesman paired my iPhone, both for phone and music functions... EVERYTHING worked fine.

Well about about a month ago I updated my iPhone to 5.1.1 and my pairing IS GONE. Both for phone and music.

So I go into the menu(s) to get them to work. I can get the phone to work but not the music...and the other way around, music and no phone...BUT I CAN NOT GET BOTH TO WORK AT THE SAME TIME.

What am I doing wrong here, any suggestions?

Thanks for the time,


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i had a similar experience a few months ago.

when i purchased my '12 outback my salesman paired my iphone4 with the HK audio to demonstrate the features.

everything worked great for a few weeks/months. then one day nothing.

i tried to repair phone only... music player only - nothing!

i about gave up and then about a week later tried pairing again and it worked great.

i never found out what the definitive problem was but everything works like the first time my phone and radio was paired.

and yes, i did a hard restart on my phone and removed the pairing between the phone and radio.

i guess the phone and radio needed a break from eachother - ha.

try again in a few days and/or do a hard reset on your phone.

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