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In my neverending quest to find a place that sells Nokians for a reasonable price I happened upon The Tire Factory. Mind you now that this place has slightly lower prices on Nokians than anywhere else I've seen, but here's the real kicker... they have free shipping and no sales tax across the continental U.S. Taking that into account their deals are far superior than anyone else's I've seen. FYI, I didn't check their prices on any other tires as I'd almost bet The Tire Rack would probably have them beat, but then again the TF does have free shipping!

If you happen to call them ask for Ryan, he's the guy who helped me and he was super-nice as well as very informative about how they operate.

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2021 Outback Limited 2.5L - 馃崷The Ice Cream Man馃崷
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SHO Type U said:
Tire Rack doesn't sell Nokian tires and they don't have free shipping either ;)

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internet tire/wheel purchases

I'd just like to throw in a caution here.

If you buy a set of steel wheels, to go with your winter tires for your Subaru, make sure the wheels are hub-centric, rather than lug-centric.

Many times, steel wheels are "universal" and fit one or more bolt patterns on one or more vehicles. And you probably won't get any hub rings to align things, either.

You really want hub-centric wheels, like the way factory wheels are done, to have the best/smoothest ride. Even perfectly balanced wheels, if they are located off-center (aligned by the lugs, instead of the hubs) will vibrate.

I learned this the hard way...............

I bought Nokian WRs on steel wheels, from Tire Factory. A few problems, but TF made good on the problems. But I still have what I consider to be unacceptable vibration from the (lug-centric) wheels.

By the way, I later found out that I could have gotten the same set-up locally at Discount Tire-but $5/tire and $20/wheel cheaper. But they don't advertise the Nokians. And they would have been hub-centric wheels, to boot.

Live and learn. Shop well.

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I asked TireFactory to give me a price on some Vredestein Sportrac 2 and mentioned I was a mod here.

Jack came back with a price of $229.99 (full retail) + $29 per tire for shipping to Canada!

I can get the same tires from Tires Unlimited for $167.71 + $40 (for all 4) shipping...

So doesn't sound like they are doing me any favours...
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