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My OB's are great cars. Today, however, I was faced with the dreaded low-beam bulb replacement task. Ten quick clips (6 Phillips type-C's, 4 type-A's) and a lot of working by "feel" (didn't pull the wheel/tire). The only truly difficult part was, as others have related, re-installing the bulb cover. It is tough to get that sucker lined up straight in the notches before the clockwise twist. The task that I had feared would be difficult, reattaching the bulb retainer spring, was suprisingly easy to do "by feel". This job was the Negative of the day.
On a Positive note, loaded 8 fifty-pound bags of equine grain and 2 fifty-pound bags of dog food into the back. Plenty of room to spare, rear dropped only an inch or two and the car rode no different to me than when unloaded. I won't need the F350 to go to TSC to pick up grain anymore. Moving hay is a different story.
I thought long and hard about the inconvenience of low-beam bulb replacement compared to minor maintenance on other vehicles I have owned over the last 40+ years (think unbolting the motor mounts to rotate a V6 forward for spark plug replacement). This task was a PITA but really no big deal in the larger scheme of things. My OB's remain two of the best vehicles I have ever owned.
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