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ABS shut off switch?

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I've recently had the thought of using a normally closed relay and putting it inline with the ABS pump power.

idea being that when the relay is energized it will disable the ABS system making for better braking in muddy/slippery type conditions when I'm out on the trail.

my hypothesis is that the ABS light will come on to let me know it has been deactivated and will turn back off after i turn the switch off (maybe after a key cycle?) to let me know the system is functioning as i do love it for street driving.

has anyone else thought of this? better yet anyone done this? am i missing anything as to why this may be a bad idea? reason for this is i ran into a situation last winter where ABS hurt me more than helped. would like to have this cured by this winter so i can feel a bit more comfortable about it.
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not much progress yet! do have the switch installed. I spent a bit figuring out which wire the fuse powers and it runs right into the module.

its the only way ive found to disable and enable the abs without a key cycle.

the abs module is under the pass seat? can someone confirm this? does the seat need to come out and the carpet lifted? if so im only about 30 mins away from having this completed.

been to busy for my toys lately. hoping to have some time soon!
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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