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My AC has had issues for over a year; running loud, decreasing power, and not producing cold air. Its gotten worse (100+ degree heat in Denver) and finally failed. My subaru mechanic stated it was the compressor last year, so I waited until it failed. Took it in last week and they told me the only compressor they could get was from the dealer and would cost ~$1000. They recommended that I buy a compressor online to save a few hundred dollars. I purchased the compressor and receiver drier online for $400. I took it in today and my mechanic stated that the electrical connections were different and the only way they could fix it would be to splice the wires, which they were not comfortable doing. I'm afraid if I buy another compressor from a different after market source online it will have the same connections. The new compressor has a larger, rectangle female adapter, while the wire from the car is a smaller round male connection.

After hours of reviewing threads on this site. I have a couple of questions. Could this be the compressor clutch, rather than the entire compressor? How would I know? Is it really worth the energy/time to install a used compressor? Is there a online source with the correct compressor connection (the online source was not helpful)?

Thanks for the help! I'm no expert, but I'm a female engineer who can figure things out pretty quickly. I think I could take on the clutch, but not sure if I need to go that route. I'm also fine with spending $800 (I really really want AC), but now I'm wasting tons of time ordering incorrect parts online. Any words of advise or recommendations would be appreciated!


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