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I'm not sure if these two issues are connected, but as they happened at the same time... I can't help but think they are related.

So, for one, the AC doesn't blow out cold air. But it did when I bought it. Also, the car smells a musty too, seems to be coming from the AC potentially. Again, not really like that when I first got the car (only 400 miles ago!).

And then I noticed, mainly when the car was first running, that I got a sloshing water sound behind the dash. It mainly happens when I go uphill or downhill. And once I drive a bit it happens less frequently (if at all).

I'm thinking it could be some leak/drainage issue with the AC. I don't know though. The sound doesn't bother me that much. But the AC not working does bother me. Plus, if there is water trapped somewhere, don't want to get a leak or something either. I'm hoping the fix will be inexpensive...

Anyone have any ideas as to what could be wrong?


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a/c drain probably clogged with insect debris or fungus or other slime.

find it under the car and use - maybe something like a large ziptie, to clean it out. Or squish around on it, w'ever.

watch for a facefull of water.

might look like this;

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