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Accessory power outlet wattage

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- I have just purchased a 2013 Outback Limited.
- I have a VAir 73P tire inflater that pulls 14 amps which corresponds to 168 watts.
- The Subaru manual says that the maximum wattage for the 12 volt accessory power outlets is 120 watts total for all three outlets.
- Fuse #20 in the passenger compartment is rated as 10A (120 watts) for "Accessory power outlet". (That makes sense according to the above)
- But fuse #13 is rated at 20A (240 watts) for "Socket".

My question is: What is "Socket"? Might that be the 12 volt power outlet in the cargo area and could I plug the 14 amp tire inflater into that outlet?

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Funny, I looked at my air pump now, only because of this thread. It is 14 AMP.

I have been using it for four years now as the exclusive way of taking care of my tires, doing usually both cars at the same time, plugging it more often into my Legacy than my B9. Used several times plugged into the OB already.
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