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Accident - What's this Quality Replacement Parts bull?

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So I was rear ended a few weeks back. The person who hit me insurance agrees that it was his fault and will pay for all repairs and a rental. Great, but here is where things go south.

I've never been involved in an accident so I'm new to this. The damage is pretty minor but the rear bumper cover will need to be replaced as there is a tear in it. Geico had me take the car to one of their inspection centers and gave me an estimate for the repairs. The estimate says "Quality Replacement Parts" which means it's not a Subaru part but one made by someone else. It also says that Geico does not have to cover original parts. How can they get away with this? When I bought this car brand new, it was assembled with Subaru parts, not parts from another manufacturer. I didn't ask to get hit and now I have to come away with this with something less than what I had?

Is this something I can fight or demand? It seems these insurance companies have all right to do this.
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this is simple - the accident wasn't your fault so you can basically get whatever you want. creatively and consistently persuade them. "i'd rather not get a lawyer involved, it seems like it should be simpler than that..." or "my lawyer said this should be easy to figure out without getting him involved"....etc. not threatening, but highly suggestive. they will gladly pay for parts over lawsuit settlements.
Unfortunately, with some insurance companies once you throw out the "lawyer card", everything grinds to a halt as their legal department now gets involved. Don't threaten to sue or get an attorney involved if you have no real intention of doing so. It's likely going to create more headaches than it's worth and, frankly, it's not going to impress the $20/hr telephone service representative you're arguing with.
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