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Hi everyone I am wondering if I can add the power tailgate option to my 2017 Subaru Outback 2.5i premium? I do not have a power tailgate.

19 2.5i OB LTD w/SSD Strt Twr Brc + OEM 19mm RSB
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Wow - you know, there are people on this forum that find the power rear gate problematic, and want to convert to manual operation. You are different in this regard, wanting to go in the other direction: manual to powered.

According to the specs on CARS101 (YMMV) it was an option on the Premium (actually it was included on all option pkgs except 11), and standard on the LTD and Touring trims.

@walker is a guru on parts:
I think you'd need at least
63320AL00B - Unit Assembly
63350AL10A - ECU Power Rear Gate
then maybe a switch for the dash switch cluster, and another wide switch that mounts on the rear gate itself.

I don't know how much of what you have now could be re-used.

Here's a picture of the assembly and the ECU

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that would be a lot of parts! (note these are all MSRP, they are almost always cheaper when you go to purchase them from your local dealer... so figure 10-20% cheaper new).
  • the two side struts
  • the power lift motor
  • the ECU for the rear gate
  • power actuator (closer motor at the latch)
  • and the power strut rod
  • 2 upper pinch sensors
  • lower left pinch sensor
  • lower right pinch sensor
  • power gate buzzer
... $1300 ish (this is MSRP, some parts may actually be cheaper at the dealer or online)

Can see the differences here:
Standard Gate parts
Power gate parts

  • The two dash buttons (gate position memory and the gate open/close button)
  • the button on the rear gate (inside)
Those aren't too pricey, about $40 maybe for all 3?

Various trim pieces
  • maybe the D-pillar inner trim for the strut rod (Where it comes out). $16
  • rear gate lower trim panel (unless you want to cutout and fit the switch). $94
Some of these things should be available through a junkyard - but the minimum charge for parts is sometimes high, so for electrical buttons and small parts, get those new.

Things to figure out:
  1. I don't see a separate wiring harness for this stuff, so I'm going to guess that the existing harness is good and all connectors are there for the power gate and the manual gate.
  2. after installing the rear gate ECU, do you have to do any programming for the body integrated unit to recognize anything? Or is it all just within the logic of the rear gate ECU? I'm guessing reprogramming isn't needed, that the ECU just needs to talk to the BIU to get the status of the car moving, door locks, car in park, if the engine is running, send error codes and so on but I haven't done this so...
Buy everything new, probably out about $1300 in parts. Ebay, etc, for new in box parts - maybe $950? $1000? Used parts get even cheaper - for some things, like the switches, strut rods get them new (Things that you really want to work and don't want to troubleshoot and are cheap anyway). The lift motor I'd get new too - there was a problem with some early ones and they'll start making a knock knock knock noise (the TSB was to replace the motor with a newer one).

I'm sure there are others that have looked into this before... I couldn't find any other threads, but I didn't look really hard either (couldn't filter by forum section).
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