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advice for shipping car on truck carrier - needs alignment so fix now or later?

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putting 01 H6 OBW on carrier to ship it to CA from GA. currently has front end steering wheel shake. could be simple alignment fix, leaky inner axle boots, or worse i.e. bad wheel bearings etc.

Should i NOT do any work to it now if the chains/straps and up/down of the ramps will mess up any of my repairs?

Any additional car prep suggestions for shipping car? thick coat of wax? plastic wrap the car? wheel protections? what else?

Anyone have a subi repair place in san francisco bay northern peninsula (near airport)? Thanks.
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Tie-downs for any ordinary kind of car shipping won't affect alignment. Use other criteria for that decision. That kind of thing just isn't an issue unless the car has been well and truly wrecked.

wax or plastic wrap sounds like a reasonable idea- ask the shipping company, as they probably hear it all the time and might even offer a service.
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