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2018 Outback Touring 2.5i
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Check and, also. You still need to contact the dealers for best prices, but I have found the sites good for filtering through who has what in big markets, and will typically pick up when a dealer has a web-advertised price cut (e.g., Peoria & Camelback).

I was originally thinking $1.8k off msrp wasn't even to invoice, but if this is for a base 2.5, it's probably ~invoice. I wouldn't expect $3k off invoice for a base 2.5, but there are Phoenix area dealers offering at $2.5k off msrp, at least. And while I won't try to upsell you or know anything about your budget, the 2.5 Premium+eyesight might be worth a look, and there are likely to be more of them available.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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