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after dash lights come on goes dead????

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about a week ago this happened for the first time.....went to start and the idiot lights on dash came on as usual then when tried to start it just went dead no sound from engine. everything was dead no lights etc. waited 10 min tried again this time it started. went down to mechanic he tested battery and cells said the battery and alternator are fine. he had not come across this, he also owns a subaru. was unable to duplicate this after initial incident. now fast forward a week... today the same problem only after 10 minutes when elec comes back on it continues to cut off and not start this time. :confused: update..whereas I could lock and unlock my car before, after trying this last time and cutting off my key no longer works?? how could they test my battery and be fine and now dead?? so so so confused......????
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oh dang!!!!!!! actually I initially thought it might be alarm related. I had a friend come by and thanks to his immense wisdom he cleaned the battery connector and that was it! I was impressed and as previously suggested here also was the culprit. I never would of thought of it and come to think of it even the mechanic didn't look at or clean them. anyway thanks for the feedback !!!!!
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