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2007 EDM H6
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I've been looking for something like this for Gen3:

I used to love the OEM screen, but ever since I installed larger tires, since the odometer doesn't account for the tire size difference, I developed a distaste for the larger than actual mpg readings and the constant reminder of this discrepancy, the only use for the OEM screen was the mpg readings

I was going to install a rear camera to the OEM screen and hope my OEM Kenwood screen comes with the required output (I've went over a Nasioc thread about Kenwood modifications, it seems some models might not have the required output), however, if there is a direct Android screen available, it would be a nice replacement, I dream of an Android screen just for Gauge's/Data + Navigation (No Music Connection for Simplicity)

I've seen some that replaces the OEM Music Interface with a screen, yet, since I have the OEM screen, this option wouldn't work for me, I also don't want to give away the control of Audio to an android system - Additionally, some of these systems indicate that they don't work with McIntosh speakers, I'm unsure which one I have

Anyway, TL;DR: Any OEM Screen replacements?
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