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Air bag service light just came on whil driving?

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2011, 2.5i, CVT etc... Anyway, left my folks house after visiting with my kids, it was 47 degrees outside. Anyway got about 1/2 mile from my folks house driving through residential neighborhood when my air bag light came on. Drove another 2 miles when I decided to pull over and re-start the car.

When I restarted the car the light went out. Any ideas what caused the light to come on so randomly?

I might need to make another thread for these items, but I just noticed my drivers door has started to slightly sag? when you close it you can feel the striker drag as it latches. You almost feel the door slightly raise 1-2mm when it latches, where the pass door is silky smooth?

My wife is barely 130 lbs and drives the car daily, I doubt she is using leverage getting out of the car causing the door to sag???

Last thing, anyone with 2010-11 notice the rear hatch shocks degrading? I.e. feels like less force holding the hatch up? I know it's winter and the cold effects the force, just seems like they are barely holding the hatch up when it used to take quite a bit of force to pull the hatch down. We only have 25k miles on this car in two years of ownership.
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It's still under warranty right, take it in?

The air bag light isn't a big deal...I mean it is because it 's so new and shouldn't be on, but no need fo rit to scare you. If the system detects a fault and trips the light it just means the system is "off", it's not like anything dangerous is about to happen (unless you're really lucky - but in that case that danger and risk always exists regardless of the light!). The light should not scare you

Google search your year for that issue.

Warranty should cover it - ask if they can read codes that have come and gone, I don't know if the SRS has a memory mode or not.

When the light comes on again - read the code yourself. There's usually a simple manual method for obtaining the code to tell you what problem the SRS system is seeing. Or pay the dealer $80 (but isn't this under warranty). You figure out which pin to ground and then the light flashes the code for you. Count the flashes - first slow flashes are 10 and second set of quick flashes are one. Add them up for the code.

Have the dealer read the code.

The roll spring/clock spring in the steering wheel is common. If you loose steering wheel controls - cruise, etc, when the light comes on again - then that's a fairly strong indicator that the issue resides in that part.

But on a car this new it's kind of random as parts aren't hitting any significant wear or use yet so failure is an anomaly and more random verses mileage and age which tends to hit some things quicker than other.

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Definitely get it checked out.

Haven't had it happen on my OB but on my Highlander the Airbag computer needed to be replaced.

On the rear hatch shocks question. As the temp gets colder they work slower than they do in warm weather.

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Those shocks wear out if you open the hatch a lot. Replacement it easy.
Doors sag because the hinges and the bushings wear.
Lift the bottom of the open door and check for play in the hinge.
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