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Air Fuel Sensors - 2009 OBW 2.5 NT

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My 2009 OBW 2.5 Non Turbo tends to stutter at stops, never stalls out just a sluggish stutter on power. I was considering the Air Fuel Sensors. There are two at the front of the vehicle. Left bank, right bank or first bank, second bank...not sure what they're called. Is there a way to determine which one might be bad...if any. Whenever I look the part up at online part stores it describes one required. The O2 sensor is near the cat....these aren't universal sensors are they? Am I just getting myself confused here?

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miles on vehicle and general condition/maintenance history?

often, as a car gets 'middle-aged' some attention to things like throttlebody cleaning, fuel injector cleaner, PCV valve replacement/attention, spark plugs, etc., can be good places to look for minor issues that aren't setting codes. Some people say the TPS on the H6 is prone to being flaky. Probably someone else will have some ideas.

modern front O2 (A/F) sensors can last a very long time on a reasonably well-maintained car. If you have a code set, get the code(s) read and post them here. If possible, get freezeframe data too. The longterm fuel trim numbers might implicate a problem with O2 sensors.

naturally, a car with 180,000 miles is gonna be much more likely to need sensors than a car with 60,000 miles.
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