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I recently took my 2000 OBW to get realigned (for the 3rd time different shops) and after getting the steering wheel straightened he mentioned if I remember correctly that you could only adjust the toe in and that there was not a camber adjustment. Does this sound correct? He possibly could have said caster(sic?) but I'm pretty sure he said camber.
He did get my steering wheel straight and he gave me a good price on a set of B.F. Goodrich Traction T/As. I notice that the tires sound a little louder thean I'm used to, but it could very well be the nature of these tires. Also the steering seems to be some what sensitive to crowns but on a flat section of road it drives straight as an arrow.
I'm always parenoid that a non subie mechanic doesn't know what he's doing to my car, but the nearest dealer is a pain to get to. Anyone else like that?

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