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05 OB 2.5i
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I have a 05 Outback 2.5i 75k, I recently decided to purchase a new set of tires from a wholesale club due to un-repairable flat tire. I also got an alignment separately this morning from a nearby Goodyear shop. Upon picking up my vehicle I notice that they inputted my outback as an Impreza outback instead of a Legacy OB. I went back into the shop and questioned them on the paperwork; the supervisor/desk worker took the alignment sheet back into the bay and talked to the tech that did the work. He came back and told me the specs were different but they compared them and they should be fine. Saying some BS that all Subaru’s have similar specs. Not saying I don’t trust them, but I’ve never had work done there before and I don’t know enough about alignments to know if I’m getting screwed. I just don’t want to ruin a new set of tires because some goof ball tech doesn’t know an Outback from an Outback. I see my manual has alignment specs , but they changed after a TSB in 07. I’m not sure what the current specs should be. Sorry for the long first post but usually search and figure out what I need, I just need someone more knowledgeable about this to compare and decode this for me. So I can see if its necessary to take it back and have it redone.


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