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Am I crazy? Windows go down a little when opening the doors right?

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So I just got my car back from the shop where they did a re learn for a problem I was having. It fixed the problem but I feel like it may have caused another.

With the doors not having the top part where a window would normally seat into, I could’ve sworn that whenever you opened the door handle, the window would go down ever so slightly to unseal to let the window open freely. Since getting my car back I’ve realized they no longer do that and when I open the door, it feels like it sticks in the seal as it opens.

Do the windows on the 2nd Gen Outback do this partial opening thing when opening and closing the doors or am going crazy? And if they are supposed to do that, does anyone know how to reset them to do that again?

Thanks in advance.
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Okay. Excuse my dumbassery then. I guess I just didn’t notice the window sticking like they do now until I got it back
Nobody is calling you dumb. If the window didn't stick before and now it's sticking maybe something did change, but the window never did auto-lower for door open so if something changed, it's not that.
Thank you. I will see about getting some of that silicone grease. I appreciate you bud.
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Mine has never done any drop. It isn't sticking either. (so far!) and since you have my car (😆) neither should yours.
I recommend pouring some water over the accused window to see if it is allowing water to get in, so you may know before you get rained on and the interior gets drenched, if you think it is dropping.
Is it all doors or just one?
No leaks. It’s rained a few times. That’s how I noticed that the sunroof channels were leaking lol but they don’t drop currently but I honestly thought they did previously. I really haven’t had the car long and I think that the sound I was hearing when opening the door wasn’t the window opening a little bit, but was actually the window kind of just sticking on the seal as it opens. I think I’m going to look into just putting a bit of lubricant on the inside of the top like @SilverOnyx recommended
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Mine has never dropped when opening.

What mine does, however, is the driver door sags a little. When opening the driver door the top right corner of the window drops and rubs against the seal. The door sags away from the hinge causing the whole door to tilt. Instead of the door being parallel to the body it droops away from it a couple of degrees.

This causes the window to rub on the seal and catch. It needs extra force to open compared to the other doors.

Look at your window as you open the door and see if it does the same thing.
This car has been in a front end collision previously. That would make sense that things are a little off. I’ll have to take a closer look at it in the morning.
Yes... You are crazy... Lol

Mine don't go down when I open the door. I've never seen a feature like that before on a car. But I wouldn't doubt it's on a Volvo or some German car.
Guess I’m crazier than I thought because I honestly thought it was a very normal thing for cars without the top part of the door. 🤷‍♂️
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