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Android Auto Notification Volume

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Don't know if this is a Starlink or Android Auto thing I need to fix, but one of the reasons I pretty much never use Android Auto is that text notifications are loud. Like, ear-piercingly loud.

When I'm in Android Auto, my phone ringer is on silent, my Subaru's SMS/MMS notification sound is at 0, and I'll be listening to music. If a text comes through to my phone, the stereo will play my incoming text noise at full volume. Loud enough for me to unplug the phone and not use Android Auto for a few months.

Is this an issue anyone knows about or can help me remedy?
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I'm not 100% positive these will help you but there are two things that MIGHT help.

In Android Auto there is a setting on your phone called "Play conversation chime" and you could turn that off.

Alternatively if that's not it, then there's a chance that lowering the volume at the moment that the "incoming text noise" is playing will reduce that particular sound.
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