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There are a couple other threads about this, but will answer here. Understandable that there are many asking -- the default sound is ear damaging. I can't believe subaru hasn't recalled. I'm not sure if it's specific to the phone connected (I've heard it on more than one iphone), but other threads suggest it's specific to the Harmon Kardon sound system w/ the bluetooth and nav systems, which is what I have. By default, my phone ringer in the car is set to TONE1 and 5 of ten volume bars. The glass would surely shatter if ever it were turned up to ten bars.

To change the volume you can use the volume control on the steering wheel only while the phone is ringing, which is already immediately destroying your hearing. To change it through the touch screen (the only other way) you have to be in park, otherwise like many of the other arbitrarily inaccessible settings you can't do anything. Once in park with your phone connected via bluetooth: click the INFO hard button, then the PHONE soft button on the touch screen. Then the SETTINGS soft button on the touch screen. Then the VOLUME SETTINGS softkey in the bottom right. Then you want to change the RING TONE VOLUME to one or two. You might want to change to one of the other, more palatable ring tones of the three offered. As mentioned in other posts, you really really want to remember to redo this if you ever delete and re-add your phone or other phones. It only takes one call to learn your lesson.

Love this car. Can't believe this thing has slipped through any quality control.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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