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96 Legacy OBW, EJ22 swap, 2" suspension lift, 215/75r15, HIDs, 06 WRX interior swap
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Ok, so those of you that recognize my posts by now i am building my Mutt for off road use. After lots of PM's with Suparu and many many thanks to him and his pioneer research with other soob model spring swaps and lots of use of the search function i have finally put together a lift that no one else that I've found has done so i decided to share my build here to put it all in one place.

first off i started with 1" aluminum subtle solutions spacers. after realizing 1" of lift while nice is not near enough i started searching....

after a lengthy search i finally sourced some 2nd Gen outback front springs from a local guy that i met at the Big NW subaru meet up here in WA (he had lowered his 01 outback) i learned this gives .75"-1" depending on added weight from front off road accessories (bumpers, plates, etc) that Suparu was kind enough to blaze the trail there. i did find the 2nd gen springs to be the hardest part to find.

My rear was bumped up the additional .8" from the famed second gen forester rear struts/ springs/ top hats that i got from an 03 at a junkyard (yes 03-08 rear struts/springs are the same). should've done new struts hoping they'd be ok but have clunk in R/R now. live and learn.

my tires give me an additional .52" giving me a grand total of about 2.55" of lift in the front and around 2.3" in the rear.

i am in the works of a rear trailing arm spacer lift block with 1/4" thick 1.5" box tubing and some longer grade 8 bolts. this will help to push back the rear wheels to help re-center them in the wheel well

also am gonna make some 1/4" HDPE saggy butt spacers to level it out. Plan to install that at the same time as the trailing arm blocks and new rear struts.

it aligned almost back to spec with the front camber at +.4 degrees. still handles awesome and i have ZERO axle issues. i have 220k and i know the front cvs aren't OE with unknown miles but i do believe the rears are OE?

this lift is ALL suspension which makes the ground clearance amazing.

all in all very very pleased with this lift and since the front is still the same struts there is no more length at full extension so brake lines mount the same and don't need to lengthen and the axles won't rip out at full flex. same with rear, the forester struts are actually .3" or so shorter than OB so even better. rear brake lines mounted in the "C" style bracket with the original U-clip which was a pleasant surprise. no zip ties needed!

i know this write up is lengthy but i wish this info was easier to find in one place when i was looking.

$Price List$
1" Subtle Spacers $225 (i feel like i got mine on sale for $180?)
2nd Gen front springs $60
Forester complete rear struts $125
Already had the tires and new front struts.
Grand Total= $410 (or $365 if they were on sale?)

very cheap build and I'm sure things could be found for cheaper.

just to stir some interest i also just picked up 06 WRX front and rear seats and steering wheel with airbag for $250. front seats already installed ill do a full write up after i get the rear seat re wrap and re wrap the door panel inserts and get the wheel installed..... shouldn't be too long.

standard 1 gal coolant jug used for size reference


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You said you started with 1" spacers but later said it was ALL suspension lift. Did you keep the spacers or trade them out when you did shocks and springs?
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